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How small a hole can a mouse get through?  Experiments.
Experimenting with how small a home a mouse is able to fit through. But it didn't go as planned. I had a lazy mouse, and a hard working invading shrew.
Added: 11th December 2017
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Elvis Presley, Martina McBride - Blue Christmas
Elvis Presley & Martina McBride's official music video for 'Blue Christmas'.

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Star Wars WienerTrooper
Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund dresses up in his Star Wars WienerTrooper outfit to run around the house and shoot up Rebel ankles. The costume was entirely homemade! No dogs or ankles hurt in the making of this video.

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10 Funny Huskies Video Compilation 2017
Who doesn't LOVE huskies?! From huskies screaming at the top of their lungs to husky puppies asking for cuddles, here are 10 incredibly adorable, funny husky videos!

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