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Big Stump, Little Tractor
Another setup pulling a stump with a high mechanical advantage rigging system. The system shown uses a 35:1 MA, pulled by an 18hp compact tractor.
Added: 24th March 2017
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Tags trees stump pulling oldfart mechanical advantage pulley system

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Fennec Fox whines adorably after owner interrupts nap
Looks like Penny the Fennec Fox isn't quite ready to get out of bed. Her reaction to being awoken mid-nap is absolutely adorable! Credit to 'Rare Earth Ranch'.
Added: 3rd November 2016
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Tags napping fox exotic pets sleeping animals crying fox

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Box and Maru The cat
The box seemed to be slightly too deep for Maru.
Added: 29th June 2014
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No Trophies, Only Glory: The Race of Gentlemen
The Race of Gentlemen is an annual vintage car race that takes place on the beach in Wildwood, N.J. The competition celebrates Americana, hot rods and beach racing. Every car must pre-date 1934, and drivers must dress for the historical period. Gentleman, wax those mustaches and start your engines!
Added: 22nd June 2016
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7 Cool Ways To Use Dryer Sheets
Dryer sheets are a fantastic and quick way to remove static, soften your clothes and give your laundry a nice clean scent. But nestled in that box of secrets are a ton of alternate uses that can save you money and get you out of a bind.

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