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Fastest Runs from the Agility Championship Final at Crufts 2017
Blink and you'll miss them! Here are the best of the best at the Crufts Agility Championship final! Congratulations to Charlotte Harding, Natasha Wise and Dave Munnings! And of course Teasel, Dizzy and Fame!

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Chickadees - just Chickadees for a change. A rare chance to have food to themselves except for one brief visitor. In the Great Smoky Mountains Black-capped and Carolina Chickadees ranges overlap and it can be a challenge to tell them apart. What type of Chickadees do you think these are?

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Snippets from our Guilty Dog archive library!
Added: 10th September 2017
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Epic Football Skills & Trick Shots Compilation
Whether you call it football or soccer, there's a reason why it's the most popular sport in the world! Enjoy this compilation of epic skills and trick shots of awesome and talented footballers from around the world.

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Funny Talking Twin Babies Compilation (2017)
Twin babies talking to each other are so adorable! Like they have their own little language!

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