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Doggy Pool Party | Clip of the Week
This dog shelter in Argentina decided to let the pups have a doggy pool party! As soon as they saw the cool water, they all jump with excitement into the pool. I hope this is what my future life looks like.

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Finger Painting Artist Creates Stunning Landscape!
This finger painting artist created a stunning landscape complete with sunset and waterfall without a single brush stroke. Such incredible talent!

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Are you crafty enough to deal with all the cool hacks we've prepared for you? Of course you are! Grab so me wine corks, old glass bottles, nail polish and...let's have some fun!

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Neglected Pit Bull Dog Convinces Woman To Adopt Her
These Cats And Dogs Each Have Their Own Special Quirk | These pets all have a signature move — and each one's a total mystery. The dachshund's parents have no idea where she learned to stand!

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Dude Perfect Golf FACE OFF | Jon Rahm & Wesley Bryan
Tyler and Garrett tee off against professional golfer Jon Rahm, announced by special guest Wesley Bryan. COMMENT with the sport you want to see.

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