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Cute Puppy vs. R2D2: Cute Puppy Potpie, Funny Dogs Maymo and Penny
Watch cute puppy Potpie battle an R2D2 Robot with the help of funny beagle dogs Maymo & Penny. When the puppy rounds the corner, he does not expect to bump into R2D2 toy from the Star Wars movie. The funny beagle dog's reaction to the strange creature is hilariously cute. His siblings Maymo & Penny join in the fun, protecting their new puppy brother from the invader from outer space.

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Fennec Fox Compilation 2018
Fennec foxes are so cute it's hard to even believe they are real creatures! Enjoy this adorable compilation of fennec foxes!

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People are Awesome - Rollerblading Down a Bobsled Track!
An empty bobsled track doubles as a fun speed track for this inline rollerblader. Enjoy the ride!

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8 Insane Machines That Will Blow Your Mind
Prepare for these 8 intensely insane machines…

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Inside Thailand’s Sanctuary of Truth
Thailand's Sanctuary of Truth is a modern day marvel, made entirely of wood without the use of a single nail. Built using ancient carving techniques, the religious shrine has been under construction since 1981, with teams of dedicated architects continually working to finish out the plans of its creator. Originally commissioned by a Thai millionaire intent on keeping traditional craftsmanship alive, the structure is now considered to be a religious shrine, a cultural monument and a work of art, all in one. Welcome to the Sanctuary of Truth, a divine masterpiece in the making.

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