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Joshua Williams Vignette featuring Martin Luther King, Jr.
Inspiring, motivating, incredible. This begins to describe Joshua Williams, a young man with a quest to make a difference in the lives of people on the streets of Miami. He and his team have now fed over 300 thousand people. But food is not the only thing those people in need have received. They also have hope. Joshua has enlisted 12 thousand volunteers—all young people, some of them 12 years old, who have found, in an unexpected way, purpose and meaning through service. Enjoy our new PSA featuring recordings from the poignant sermon "The Drum Major Instinct" given by Martin Luther King Jr. and discover that love is in you. Learn more about Joshua & his amazing leadership at

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People and Bears Live in Harmony in This Wildlife-Friendly Town
In addition to adding bear-proof trash cans, the burgeoning town has also replaced attractants like fruit trees, built wildlife crossings over highways, and provided education to the local populace. Their creative solutions have helped to manage local wildlife while keeping residents and visitors safe to enjoy the beautiful scenery the area has to offer.

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Are you crafty enough to deal with all the cool hacks we've prepared for you? Of course you are! Grab so me wine corks, old glass bottles, nail polish and...let's have some fun!

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Teddy Bear's Fish Picnic - Bears - Spy in the Woods - BBC
It's fishing season for hungry bears, and spy cam is stalking their territory to capture the best quality shots of their feast. Narrated by Sir David Attenborough.
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Jesse's Christmas Webisode: Santa's Gift
Just Jesse Webisode: Jesse receives a gift from Santa for Christmas; what could it be? Jesse shares an important message, about not giving a puppy as a gift for the Holidays to someone who is not prepared for the responsibilities a puppy brings, in this special edition Christmas video. *Jesse didn't really get a puppy for Christmas. This is a scripted video for entertainment purposes only, and meant to show why giving a puppy as a gift to someone who didn't want or expect a puppy is a bad idea i.e. in the scripted video, Jesse didn't want the puppy (the gift giver didn't take into account the recepient's feelings when the gift was given). Jesse was acting to make it look like he didn't like the puppy *** This video is meant to spread the message that puppies aren't only Christmas presents, but living, breathing, sentient beings who are members of the family~ Far too many people get a puppy as a gift without thinking it through; resulting in puppies being sent to the pound. :( Puppies are a big responsibility and require lots of love and attention, even after the holidays are over. Puppies are not just for Christmas. When giving a gift, it is important to know what the recipient would like. While puppies are adorable and cute; the person might not be ready to take on such a big responsibility (especially during a busy time of year). If you are in the small percentage of people who understand the full responsibility of bringing home a new family member, and all that comes along with a puppy; this video message is not for you =o) This is an educational video to get people to think before giving a puppy as a gift on a whim; not to target those who will love and take care of their new puppy for the rest of their life. We hope you enjoy! ~Heather and Jesse~
Added: 21st December 2017
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