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The Lift Garage: Fixing Cars and People's Lives
Lift Garage Executive Director Cathy Heying initially knew nothing about car repair. At 38-years-old, she went back to school for auto technology. To date, Cathy and The Lift Garage has saved Minneapolis residents over $30,000 in repair bills. Her mission is to lifts spirits, lives and families through their struggles.

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Andre Rieu The Lagoon Waltz - Wonderful Music
Andre Rieu - The Lagoon Waltz SUBSCRIBE Please We present The Real Arts , Great Music , Big Shows From All The World

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Tiny Horse Playing With Large Ball
Featuring Pepino, Roux and Felicia! music: Don Byron "Bug Music"

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Cole and Marmalade - Why Cats Love Trees So Much
So many reasons why cats love trees! … How many cat trees do YOU have? :)

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Should I stay or should I go... Tara Tanaka
I looked out the window and saw our female bobcat in a trail that goes from our yard to the swamp. I tried to slip quietly out the back door onto the deck, but the sound of the door opening alerted her. She watched me as I walked slowly across the deck, gently put the tripod down, and squatted behind it. I started videoing her, and at first she just watched me, but soon she got up, stretched (check out her racing stripes!), and began walking toward me with her head lowered and mouth open. The closer she got and the more clearly I could see her teeth, the more I wondered if being so low in the sights of such a large bobcat was the best idea. It was quite a relief when she made her turn into the yard. She kept walking at the same speed, marking the bushes every 25' or so until she was out of sight. Tara Tanaka
Added: 2nd July 2018
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