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Teddy Bear the Porcupine Tries An Acorn
Zooniversity's Teddy Bear the porcupine has lots of favorite foods, but see how he reacts when he tries his first acorn!

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How This Dog Learned To Ride A Pony
Dally and Spanky are a dog-pony duo with a very special talent. Dally loves to ride on Spanky's back as the horse jumps over barrels and pushes around a giant ball. The two met at Rother Horsemanship, a training ranch for horses. They perform for charity events and special shows a couple times a year.

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Red Panda Cub Triplets feeding is the cutest thing ever
What's cuter than one Red Panda Cub drinking out of a puppy bowl? Three Red Panda cubs of course. Meet Raja, Pinhgu and Mohan the Red Panda Triplets that were born on Christmas Eve. Each day when it is feeding time, Zoo Keepers will ring a bell and they all come a-running and it is the cutest thing you ever likely to see.

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This is the World's Largest Butterfly
Named after King Edward VII's wife, the Queen Alexandra birdwing is one of the largest species of butterfly in the world. Native to Papua New Guinea, these beauties are speedy, thanks to a wingspan that measures nearly a foot in length. Sadly, as demand for palm oil, coffee and cocoa increase in the region, their natural rainforest habitats are being destroyed, leaving the Queen Alexandra birdwing critically endangered.

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Pasco Sheriff's Deputy wrangles gator in Lutz
Pasco Sheriff's Deputy wrangles gator in Lutz.
Added: 17th November 2017
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