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Today I Learned: Penguin Facts
Did you know that penguins can't fly? Or that the dad penguins takes care of the baby penguin eggs? You always learn some interesting facts on Today I Learned!

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Maru plays with the box on
The box is Maru's present favorite.
Added: 25th November 2017
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We're sure you've been involved in a discussion or even started one at least once. And no matter what it is, the intention is always to win. But, to be honest, this isn't always possible: the opponent can be stronger, smarter or more cunning. Especially for these cases we have prepared today's video; in it we will show you discussions that you can win with a 100% chance. But it's not easy: in many cases you'll have to prepare beforehand. But you can be sure it's worth it. So here are 10 arguments you'll win.

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Animals vs. Wheels | Funny Pet Compilation 2017
This is a visual representation of me trying to make it through the week! Watch this showdown between animals and wheels, who will win?!
Added: 28th December 2017
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The Purple Hulls - That's Christmas to Me
Check out the newest original written by Penny & Katy Clark of The Purple Hulls–
Added: 15th December 2017
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