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John Lewis Christmas Ad 2017 - #MozTheMonster
Joe befriends a noisy Monster under his bed but the two have so much fun together that he can't get to sleep, leaving him tired by day. For Christmas Joe receives a gift to help him finally get a good night’s sleep.
Added: 6th December 2017
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What Else Can You Cut With a Hair Pick...
Fun life hack using a hair pick for cutting produce. Great kitchen tip or cooking hack to get nice neat slices.

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Paralyzed Corgi Never Stops Smiling
This sweet little corgi never stops smiling despite everything she's been through and she even manages to make her wheelchair look FABULOUS.

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Darth Vader Plays Star Wars on Piano
Sometimes Darth Vader gets tired of space monotony, and plays piano to forget his troubles. In this video Lord Vader played Star Wars on piano. Hope you enjoy!

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