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Metro The Painting Racehorse
Many animals are very smart. Like the dog who opens doors, or a monkey who can play chess... But one very special horse has captivated our attention for his unbelievable talent. After retiring from being a racehorse, Metro seemed to be nearing the end of his life. Born with a knee a problem that was the cause of his career's end, he could have been put to sleep. Luckily, Ron Krajewski, an artist from Gettysburg, PA, and his wife, Wendy, adopted him. They quickly fell in love! They knew Metro had a knee condition, but didn't realize how bad. It got to a point where Metro couldn't even go on the trails. A vet told them his condition was terminal, but the horse and his owners didn't take that news lying down. They were going to see to it that Metro continued to fulfill his destiny. After all, he is a very special horse! Ron noticed that Metro liked to bob his head up an down. Naturally, the artist in him had an idea. He put a paint brush in Metro's mouth and beautiful things started happening. Metro was a natural painter! His big, colorful brush strokes would lead him to become a best-selling artist in Gallery 30 in Gettsysburg. The money his paintings earned even saved his life! They had an experimental procedure done which reversed the bone growth. He also donates the rest of his earnings to New Vocations Racehorse Adoption Program, which helps retired thoroughbreds find homes and get new careers. This painting horse not only captivated our attention but also our hearts! Learn more about Metro and see his awesome paintings by visiting paintedbymetro.com and www.facebook.com/PaintedByMetro.

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Duck Sisters Have Their Own Pool
These duck sisters go everywhere together. Dusty and Otter even have an indoor pool to play in.
Added: 2nd August 2018
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Stunning timelapse captures cloud waves in Grand Canyon
Stunning timelapse captures cloud waves in Grand Canyon
Added: 12th August 2018
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Tom Brown COLLECTION Auction
Aug. 25th in Michigan 2018 in Vicksburg michigan. Onsite n online.
Added: 3rd May 2018
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Tags vanderbrinkauctions.com

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Maru plays with the box on
The box is Maru's present favorite.
Added: 25th November 2017
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