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Cats Love Dogs Compilation (2018)
Cats and dogs can be best friends! These cats love their dog friends. Watch cute cats cuddle up to dogs try not to say aww!

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Cat Games | Playful Cats Video Compilation
Most of the time cats are sleeping, snoozing, napping, or just straight up chilling, but these cats are ready for some play time! Enjoy these little kitties playing their little cat games and just being down right adorable!

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16 Baby Goats Explore the Farm
We have 16 goat kids in the barn and are expecting around 50 total in the next 10 days. I am going to do a daily video check in so that you can see them grow! Today these kids are 2-3 days old and doing great. It has been cold and driving rain and sleet since they were born, but today the sun finally came out and they were able to get out from under the heat lamp and out to explore the farm a bit with their mamas. This is a bit of that morning fun. Love to see them leaping already! They return to nurse after every few leaps!

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The Jive Aces present: Rock 'n' Roll Movie Star (music video)
The Jive Aces present "Rock 'n' Roll Movie Star, a mind-bending tribute to 50s B-Movie Sci-Fi madness with an inception style plot all in three minutes! From the album "Diggin; The Roots Vol.1: Rockin' Rhythm & Blues" available from

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4K- Beautiful Tulip Flower Garden And Fields
This video is the compilation of beautiful tulip flower fields, flower garden in Guernsey United Kingdom (UK) and Tulip festival on Elagin island. I hope you will enjoy it.

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