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Painted Buntings Arrive For Winter 2017
Painted Buntings are migrating to and through the Florida Backyard - one of the most exciting events of each year! The first mature male - the most spectacular songbird in North America has made a grand entrance. The ratio of "Greenies" to the mature males is about four to one. They will stay until mid to late April. As a bonus a squirrel marks his territory and a male Northern Cardinal and common Grackle stops by, which is a stunning bird in its own way.
Added: 4th November 2017
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A Chat With Wild Rabbit and Squirrels
This is what a Backyard Talk Show would be like with wild furry animals as guests. They are good listeners at least! Back in Florida lets try and have a conversation with/about the young Marsh Rabbit and deal with the squirrels who insist on being the center of attention.

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Welcome to Superior Stables in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, breeding horses for quality conformation, breed type and temperament. Now after more than 10 years of breeding they have added color to our program, specializing in chestnuts– duns, skewbalds (paints) and blagdons. At Superior Stables, quality is not a boast - It's a Promise.

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Amazing Artists & Makers | Satisfying Art Timelapse Compilation
Here are ten of our favorite artworks from the last month! These amazing timelapse art works are oddly satisfying to watch as the amazing paintings and drawings come together

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Dog Loves To Protect All The Animals In His Sanctuary
Dog Loves To Protect All The Animals In His Sanctuary | This big, fluffy dog loves to protect baby animals

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