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Amazing Artists & Makers | Satisfying Art Timelapse Compilation
Here are ten of our favorite artworks from the last month! These amazing timelapse art works are oddly satisfying to watch as the amazing paintings and drawings come together

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Goat Kids and Barn Kittens Play Musical Stumps
It was super hot the other day, but that did not stop the kittens and goat kids from a game of Musical stumps. It amazes me how similar they are in many ways, sweetly comical and they all have great balance and love attention. No wonder the kittens and goats are enjoying each other as playmates! At first, I was worried about taking on 3 kittens in addition to all the other creatures we care for. Now I can't imagine the farm without them! The backstory: A couple weeks ago we adopted a trio of kitten boys to be barn cats. Their mama was a feral cat. They were born in a pile of insulation and when they were found, their eyes were all shut due to the irritation. One of our very kind friends was their foster mama for an organization called Community Cat Advocates in Maine. They are so precious, we are calling them Bob (the one with no tail of course) George and Ed. They spent the day exploring and met our barn cat Virginia, all the goat kids, and the chickens. It is amazing how brave they are for little furballs! They will enjoy fresh goat milk for breakfast each morning as they get stronger and settle in!

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From back seat to driver's seat: Dave Kunz's 1965 Ford Mustang | Why I Drive - Ep. 2
Dave Kunz grew up riding in the back seat of his aunt and uncle's 1965 Ford Mustang. Years later, Dave was lucky enough to be able to buy that same car from them. Whether it's the smell of the vinyl interior or the rumble of the 289 V-8 through dual exhausts, every bit of the driving experience transports him back to an earlier time, renewing his child-like sense of awe for the automobile.

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Bunny Uses Cute Little Wheelchair To Hop Around + Brave & Beautiful Bunnies
With Easter just around the corner - here are five brave, beautiful and bouncy bunny videos!

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