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Why is the Bathroom Door Closed - Cole and Marmalade
Are you petting another cat in there? We decided to let Cole and Marmalade investigate... as you can see Cole wasn't much of a fan, but the foster kittens certainly got Marm's attention!

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Three kittens and a herd of goats
Yesterday we adopted a trio of kitten boys to be barn cats. Their mama was a feral cat. They were born in a pile of insulation and when they were found, their eyes were all shut due to the irritation. One of our very kind friends was their foster mama for an organization called Community Cat Advocates in Maine. They are so precious, we are calling them Bob (the one with no tail of course) George and Ed. They spent the day exploring and met our barn cat Virginia, all the goat kids, and the chickens. It is amazing how brave they are for little furballs! They will enjoy fresh goat milk for breakfast each morning as they get stronger and settle in!
Added: 25th June 2018
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Tags kittens and goats sunflower farm nigerian dwarf goats

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Dolly Parton, Bill Monroe - Mule Skinner (Live)
Best of Dolly Parton: Music video by Dolly Parton, Bill Monroe performing Mule Skinner (Live).
Added: 12th October 2018
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Tags Dolly Parton Bill Monroe Mule Skinner Blues

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Daily Dose Of Internet  - Controlling Lights With Your Mind
Daily Dose Of Internet - Controlling Lights With Your Mind
Added: 10th February 2018
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Tags best vines 2018 funny vines funny videos funniest videos 2018

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