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How To Bring Your Pet With You Everywhere
You know when you love your pet so much that you can't stand being away from them for a single second and feel the need to bring them with you everywhere you go because they are just so darn cute? Well, here's how to bring your pet with you everywhere!

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Shooting Chameleon Tongue In Super Slow Motion - BBC Earth
In super slow motion you can see how a chameleon's tongue is such a formidable weapon.

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A slew of dusty Italian sports cars hidden in muscle car country | Barn Find Hunter - Ep. 30
Finding old Fords, Chevys and other American iron in backyards, barns, and garages isn’t hard to do in Michigan, a state that’s been the crucible for generations of car enthusiasts. Discovering old, dusty European cars in the Mitten State isn’t nearly as common. So when Barn Find Hunter Tom Cotter met David Korwin and his stash of ragtag Alfa Romeos, he was both excited and intrigued.

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Sukiyaki (Homemade Tofu)
Sukiyaki is a shared Japanese dish where everyone ladles out some of the broth and food into their own bowls. Traditionally, sukiyaki is eaten with a raw beaten egg added to your own bowl, but that might be difficult for you depending on how safe raw eggs are considered where you live. I normally don't eat it with egg so I can enjoy the flavor of beef and vegetables, but if you get a chance to eat sukiyaki, please give it a try!

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Amazing Artists & Makers | Satisfying Art Timelapse Compilation
Here are ten of our favorite artworks from the last month! These amazing timelapse art works are oddly satisfying to watch as the amazing paintings and drawings come together

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