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A Chat With Wild Rabbit and Squirrels
This is what a Backyard Talk Show would be like with wild furry animals as guests. They are good listeners at least! Back in Florida lets try and have a conversation with/about the young Marsh Rabbit and deal with the squirrels who insist on being the center of attention.

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World's Laziest Raccoon
Rigby the Raccoon avoids work at all costs, especially now that he found a hiding spot in the crown of a Backyard Palmetto Tree. He's too lazy and mellow to even want to play. After dark he'll get up and move around a bit maybe eat some fresh ripe loquats and check out the neighbors trash. A tip: If you are ever walking in the woods and looking for bears or raccoons - look up in the trees it makes sense this is their favorite safe place to chill out. Can I really claim our Rigby Raccoon is the World's biggest slacker Raccoon - we'll he is certainly in the running and his expression says it all....

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