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Child Rides Horse Before He Can Walk
Two year old James Philmore, much to the amazement of his parents, learned to ride a horse before he could walk. With his mother leading him, James can jump his horse, Candy, over low poles. May not be much of a feat for an older person but not bad for a two year old! Some of James interactions with the pony look pretty dangerous. What do you think?
Added: 19th August 2012
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Meet Artist Ray Guest - Every Cut And Weld Comes From The Heart
Having looked for love in all the wrong places, Ray has finally found what he loves to do. His metal work expresses that joy to the world. He spends all his time making stuff and finds solace in the fact that art saved his life.

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Delmar The Drumming Pug!
Watch Delmar's mesmerizing drum performance as he rocks out to the tune "Enter Sandman". FYI, I have no idea what his real name is, Delmar just seemed to fit.
Added: 7th September 2015
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Stinky Breath Prank
A police woman stops these guys to ask them if they have seen the man in the wanted poster but she gets distracted by their nasty breath... Watch all the little exercises she puts them through before revealing that this is a prank. I wish I could think up this stuff! http://gags.justforlaughs.com Please subscribe

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Focus More On The Carrot And Less On The Stick!
Bill Bartmann and his company CFS-2 believe that the best way to collect on someone's debt is to help them start earning again. Steve Hartman talks with Bill about how he is changing the face of debt-collection.
Added: 6th October 2013
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