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Musician Rescues Puppy - Ruff Life by Arthur Yoria
TWO Videos today. First Video: Rita was the perfect actress for the role of stray dog in this music video and over the course of the filming, as often times happens on the set; the musician falls for the actress and vice versa. Arthur could not fathom completing the shoot and leaving his adorable co-star behind to life on the streets with an uncertain future. Arthur decided to rescue this stray off the streets of Sunnyside in Houston. The obvious name for our starlet was Rita Hayworth! Second Video: ( Will auto play when the first video is finished ). Arthur shares his feelings about Rita and future plans for her with his family. Please don't miss this one. ArthurYoria.com World Animal Awareness Society wa2s.org

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Dog Wakes Lady With Narcolepsy
Introducing Theo, the dog with a very important job. Theo the cocker spaniel's owner Kelly Sears suffers from a rare condition called Narcolepsy. Which means she can fall asleep anywhere without warning. Theo has been specially trained to wake her with a nudge or a lick to the face.
Added: 17th July 2011
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Three Dogs Were Dumped On The Street By Their Owner...
Hope For Paws received a text on their emergency line telling them that a person drove to a neighborhood, threw out three dogs as well as a bag of bread in order for them to "survive". It is clear that both females, Nessie and Dee-Dee recently had puppies, and the owner probably felt like he got what he needed from them and so he dumped them along with the boy, Charlie. After receiving medical care, the dogs continued on to their foster home with Shelter Hope Pet Shop, and they are now looking for their loving forever homes.

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PEOPLE ARE AWESOME (Fitness Edition)
You may want to turn your sound down for this one. This month’s People are Awesome compilation is a fitness special! Featuring incredible feats of strength and fitness including weight lifting, calisthenics, bodyweight fitness, handstands, squats, push ups and more. These workout routines provide serious gym inspiration and motivation!

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The Ballerina On The Golden Bicycle
In the 1960s and 1970s, Lilly Yokoi was considered the world's greatest acrobat on bicycle. Her act was indeed technically outstanding, and the ease with which she performed it, her grace, and her unmatched elegance have survived the test of time.
Added: 16th November 2014
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