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Santa Crusoe Visits Humane Society
Every year, Crusoe makes a little visit to his local Humane Society where he gives back a bunch of toys, treats, and goodies that he was not able to use himself over the year. Crusoe receives many gifts from fans, friends, and brands, but can never use everything himself. So this is what he does with it.

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11 Next-Level Beaches You Have To Visit
From swimming with flamingos to lunching in the ocean, these are not your ordinary beaches! Check out footage from 11 incredibly unique vacation destinations ...

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Johnny Walker (Offical Music Video) - Carolina Blue
Music Video for Carolina Blue! This song was written by one of the founding members, Timmy Jones. We hope you enjoy this video as much as we enjoyed putting it together!

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Kittens Climbing Up Legs Compilation
These kittens have found the perfect way to learn how to climb things - human legs. And it's just too cute!

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