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Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs
Some say dogs are man's best friend... cat lovers know better! Which do you like best?

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Shaq Surprises & Plays Basketball With Gainesville Cop & Florida Kids
On January 15th, office Bobby White was dispatched because of a complaint of kids playing basketball too "loud". This video shows what happens when he gets there and the follow up game with Shaq. The talk Shaq gave the kids at the end of the video may very well change their lives forever.

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How to Fight Like a Dog with Cute Dog Maymo
Cute dog Maymo and his assistant Penny give lessons on how to fight like a dog and win in the derpiest way possible. Watch these cute dogs perform classic combat moves such as the Rump Toss, Zombie Pounce & many others, revealing their time-tested strategies on winning a fight and being a ninja. on.fb.me/UPC8d7
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Skye and her Shetland pony
A beautiful little girl named Skype and her Shetland pony stole my heart today! I hope they have the same affect on you!

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Puppy Oscar Says Opera Sad and Scarry.
Oscar the pug puppy looks a little puzzled, a little sad and a lot scared as he listens to opera for the fist time. His owner says he likes Verdi best!
Added: 13th October 2011
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