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Tigers vs Sharks! Guess who wins! The folks at Big Cat Rescue love Shark Week so they decided to make shark themed enrichment for the big cats to enjoy, check it out! Hear the big guy roar near the end. WEBSITE: http://bigcatrescue.org
Added: 1st August 2013
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Alex Magala Performs Insane Chainsaw Stunt | Britain’s Got Talent 2016
Fire? Check? Pole? Check? Chainsaw? Er, check? Alex Magala is back with another death defying stunt, this time, coming face-to-face with a chainsaw.

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The Oldest Man: The Captain from The Carol Burnett Show
A sailor (Harvey Korman) and the ship's captain (Tim Conway) try to keep their ship from hitting an iceberg. ( Watch out for the tidal waves! )

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Hummingbird Playing In Water.
Hummingbird Playing In Water.
Added: 9th August 2015
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Hilarious Pets On Swings
These pets know how to swing, literally and figuratively. Swings are not just on playgrounds, pets know how to make swings out of anything! Which one is your favorite?

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