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Reba McEntire - Back To God
Music video by Reba McEntire performing Back To God.
Added: 4th February 2017
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Tags Reba McEntire Back To God NASH Icon Country

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Harley The Cockatoo -  Destroy The Cup Tower
Harley The Cockatoo looks like he knows exactly how he wants to do to destroy this plastic cup tower and he does it with determination and gusto!
Added: 23rd September 2015
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Tags Harley The Cockatoo cup tower destroy

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Horse Blows Out His Birthday Candles!
When they sang JD the horse (aka "Southside") "Happy Birthday," they never imagined what would happen next!
Added: 31st May 2015
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Tags Mel's Video Of The Day horse funny Horses Riding Pony

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Impossible Nail-Through-Wood Trick
Impossible nail-through-wood trick. How to make a simple little conversation piece. Amaze your friends and family with this easy woodworking project! FYI: the song is Pete Seeger: PIne wood was used and boiled for about ten minutes each time.
Added: 23rd October 2011
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Andre Rieu - Silent Night - Stunning Video
Beautiful music, beautiful videography. I hope you enjoy Andre Rieu and his Johann Strauss Orchestra performing "Silent Night".

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