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Surprised Husband Gets Pregnancy Announcement In Photo Booth!
These two love photo booths. A ton. It's a tradition that they can track back to their first date. Now they can't walk past a booth without stopping. But this time was different and he wasn't expecting the surprise his wife had planned for him.

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The Oldest Man: The Captain from The Carol Burnett Show
A sailor (Harvey Korman) and the ship's captain (Tim Conway) try to keep their ship from hitting an iceberg. ( Watch out for the tidal waves! )

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Memorial Day - From A Womans Point Of View [ Music Video ]
A music video of Laura Zucker's thought provoking song, Memorial Day. The song is written by Laura Zucker. The Video was produced by Cameron Harris of Harwood.Video. To learn more about Laura Zucker, or to purchase one of her albums, visit LauraZucker.com To learn more about Harwood.Video, or request our services, visit HarwoodVideo.com
Added: 29th May 2011
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It's no secret to anyone that many people dream of buying their own car and save money to do so. When they finally achieve their goal, they literally get the most out of their new purchase. But there are also many stories in which vehicles are deliberately left unattended for a long time. Some people don't seem to need a car and use it as an accessory, such as this Ferrari for patio decoration. Many expensive cars were kept out of the sunlight for years, something that will undoubtedly amaze the average person. But... let's start from the beginning. In today's video, we'll tell you about a rare car that was underground for half a century. Who put it there and why? Let's find out

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Carnival Master
Steve Hartman profiles 63-year-old Peter Drakos - arguably the best in the world at carnival games. He won enough stuffed animals in his first year to give one to every single kid in his local school. Now that's amazing!
Added: 5th September 2012
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