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A few days ago we saw an incredible cat on a skateboard ( SKATEBOARD PUSHING CAT ). Today we get to see Bamboo the Dog showing off his amazing skills in a parking lot at Seaside Reef Beach, California. Which one do you thinks does the best job? Please post your thoughts in the comments below the video.

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STRONG LANGUAGE - WW II Veteran Stories - Vince Speranza
CAUTION: Strong Language and Hanky Alert! Some stories just need to be told...this is one of them. The 101st Airborne Museum 'Le Mess' in Bastogne presents WW II Veteran Mr. Vincent Speranza.
Added: 23rd May 2014
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I Am A Pilot - The Smothers Brothers
I Am A Pilot The Smothers Brothers
Added: 10th November 2013
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Animated Paper Wildlife Carries Macro-message Of...
Paper predators and prey spring to life in this visually stunning short from directors David Ringeisen & Laszlo Ruska. An ordinary desk and typical office supplies are the backdrop for this micro-universe that carries the macro-message of wildlife conservation. While humans are left out of the piece, their impact is still present in a discarded cigarette butt that sparks an imaginary forest fire and an overflowing wastebasket that pollutes a fantastical rolling-chair river. This piece is part of the filmmakers' MOME thesis project, the animation department at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest, Hungary and was created for WWF Hungary.

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Boy Gets Bionic Hand
Costing $60,000 and strong enough to hold up a 200 pound load, it's called the iLimb Pulse and it's helped revolutionize 14 year old Matthew James life. The highly versatile bionic limb is capable of performing multiple functions allowing Matthew to carry out everyday tasks like catching a ball or tying his shoe laces.
Added: 23rd September 2011
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