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Goats on Teeter Totters - Compilation
Goats are just too funny! They love to test and explore everything, and teeter totters (or seesaws) are one of their favorite playground tools.

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89-Year-Old Vet And Preschooler Reunite!
An unlikely friendship that went from their backyards to viral now starts a new chapter. Watch WWII veteran Erling Kindem reunite with his 3-year-old best buddy Emmett Rychner at his new home.
Added: 16th September 2014
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12-Year-Old Singing Ventriloquist Gets Golden Buzzer - AGT 2017
12-year-old who uses ventriloquism to overcome her shyness stuns the crowd with a surprising singing act! See her wow everyone and get a Golden Buzzer from Mel B.

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The Scientific Power of Naps
Want an excuse to take a nap? Take these scientific tips on "Power-Naps" to get the most energy out of your day, while remaining productive and non-reliant of caffeine. If done properly, naps can change your life! Written and created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz). Music by Mitchell Moffit Art by Gregory and Mitchell
Added: 24th July 2012
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Starry Skies Over Downtown LA!  Timelapes - 1080p HD
An experimental timelapse video created by photographers Gavin Heffernan, Harun Mehmedinovic and Nathaniel Smith for project Skyglow. The project was designed to explore the effects and dangers of urban light pollution in contrast with some of the most incredible Dark Sky Preserves in North America. Best viewed full screen in 1080p HD, sound UP! Music: "DIVISION" by Moby. Courtesy MobyGratis WWW.SKYGLOWPROJECT.COM

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