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Hilarious Pet Memes Compilation 2016
The guys and gals at Pet Collective couldn't resist turning these pet videos into memes - a goat with a guitar and a pig munching on a strawberry warrants it. Here's some of their favorites! See which one(s) you like best.

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Incredible Chair Balancing Routine
Watch this fearless and skilled Acrobat from Beijing stack chairs super high on wine bottles and manage to balance on them! Peking Acrobats show from the Pacific National Exhibition in Vancouver, BC.
Added: 29th July 2012
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Dog Thinks Hes An Elephant
Fred howling at the elephant on the kitchen towel advert!
Added: 23rd October 2011
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Tiny House Pioneers - Living The Simple Life.
Spur, TX is the first tiny house friendly town in the country. Today we visit the pioneers that started it all and ask them "What have you all really found here?". Their response... "We found peace, We found our dream coming true, we found each other and we have this tiny house community... it's just heaven". Denise Rosner Spur, TX 239-565-8172 Website: http://www.spurfreedom.org/

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Raccoon Seems to Nod in Thanks to Man After Rescue
Amusing footage of a man filming himself rescuing three raccoons trapped in a bin. The video, filmed in New York, USA this week, shows the man placing a plank of wood in just the right place to allow the cute animals to climb out of their predicament. He later wrote online: "As I pulled into my driveway following working a night shift in the emergency room, I got out of my car and heard scratching in my dumpster. "I knew it was probably raccoons who got stuck in there during the night, so I got a board to assorted them out." "The first one who exits actually nods at me almost like he is saying thank you," he added
Added: 4th October 2016
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