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LIVE NOW! Southwest Florida Eagle Cam
Southwest Florida Eagle Cam. The camera pans from nest to surrounding area. At the time I added this there were 2 eagles sitting on a limb beside the nest. Check back often.
Added: 27th September 2016
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Frankie's Holiday Welcome
Hanky Alert! An unexpected holiday visitor finally receives the warm welcome he's always yearned for.

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Everything We Need by Daves Highway
'Everything We Need" This is an original song from our new CD 'Brand New Day'.
Added: 13th July 2014
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Funny Pug and Baby Video Compilation
Pug and Baby | Baby and Pug | Pugs and Babies | Babies and Pugs | Baby Loves Pug | Pug Loves Baby | Pug Puppy and Baby | Pug Puppies and Babies | Baby and Pug Puppy | Babies and Pug Puppies

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Extreme Bicycle Skills - Danny MacAskill  Aviemore Spring
Danny MacAskill pulls out all the stops with a range of awe-inspiring and technical tricks, using the beautiful landscape of Aviemore, UK as his playground. In case you're curious, Muc-Off carries a range of bike and car care products in the UK. Filming and Editing - Dave Mackison Song - 'Souvenir by Ages and Ages'

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