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The Border Collie that changed the world.
HANKY ALERT! The amazing life of Zeta, the Border Collie that walked 3200km along the coast of South Africa.

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HILARIOUS! Riddles from The Carol Burnett Show
Are you good at riddles? If you can stop laughing long enough, see if you can figure out the color of the bear in the riddle that Carla (Vicki Lawrence) shares with her "best friend" Marge (Carol Burnett). They crack me up!

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Saving Bitty: A Scared Homeless Dog Hidden In A Sewer Tunnel
Hope For Paws & Rescue From The Hart teamed up to save a dog from the river. They were told there were initially two dogs... but one drowned during a rainstorm earlier that day. Bitty's rescue touched my heart and I'm sure it will touch yours as well.
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Playing Hockey With Cute Dachshund Dogs
Trying to have some fun in what is hopefully the final snow of the season, this dog owners and his Dachshund pups play hockey! Looks like they are having lots of fun!

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Dog With Vitiligo Becomes Face Of Kids Charity
An adorable dog with a rare condition is helping teach kids that different is beautiful - thanks to his own unusual skin markings. Recent medical tests revealed 14-year-old Rowdy has vitiligo, a disorder that causes the loss of skin pigment. Owners of the black lab, Niki and Tim Umbenhower, are constantly stopped by strangers who think they have painted the pooch's eyes white.

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