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Thank You Song by Brianna Haynes
THANKSGIVING SONG - Brianna Haynes - Thank You. Written by Singer/Songwriter, Brianna Haynes and Composer/Pianist, Austin Haynes is inspired by Thanksgiving and the wonderful family memories this time of year brings. This Thanksgiving song is both spiritual and emotional and is dedicated to everyone with a thankful heart this holiday season. Thank You was produced by Sergio Ponzo and the music video was directed and edited by Todd Lampe. For more info go to and Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
Added: 23rd November 2011
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The Spirits of the Dead - Prank
Taz Bucani strikes again, this time he summons the spirits of the dead and scares the ******* out of some gullible people. They come out from the wall and under the table.
Added: 24th October 2011
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Pets Vs Exercise Video Compilation 2017
From cats confused by treadmills, dogs too lazy to walk, to a ferret playing on a work out bench, these are just a few of the pets battling exercise you'll find in this pets verses exercise video compilation.

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Super Smart Pets Compilation
Smart pets answering the phone, drinking water from the refrigerator, jumping over obstacles and much more make up today's video compilation. Which one is your favorite?

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Shaq Surprises & Plays Basketball With Gainesville Cop & Florida Kids
On January 15th, office Bobby White was dispatched because of a complaint of kids playing basketball too "loud". This video shows what happens when he gets there and the follow up game with Shaq. The talk Shaq gave the kids at the end of the video may very well change their lives forever.

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