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Skye and her Shetland pony
A beautiful little girl named Skype and her Shetland pony stole my heart today! I hope they have the same affect on you!

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Funny Pug and Baby Video Compilation
Pug and Baby | Baby and Pug | Pugs and Babies | Babies and Pugs | Baby Loves Pug | Pug Loves Baby | Pug Puppy and Baby | Pug Puppies and Babies | Baby and Pug Puppy | Babies and Pug Puppies

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Jesse the Dancing Dog! Canine Freestyle
Jesse the Dancing Jack Russell Terrier! : Here is a short routine of Jesse and his human Heater dancing to Josh Woodward's music. They love dancing together as a team; Heather says it is so much fun thinking up fun routines and learning new dance moves together~ Canine Freestyle is a fun dog sport! They are continually learning more dance moves, and creating more routines. All of Jesse's moves are taught using Positive Reinforcement and Relationship-based training. Enjoy!

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Pets Vs Exercise Video Compilation 2017
From cats confused by treadmills, dogs too lazy to walk, to a ferret playing on a work out bench, these are just a few of the pets battling exercise you'll find in this pets verses exercise video compilation.

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Loving Life Music Video  by The Jive Aces
I just love these guys and in their new music video! They are lovin' life and life is loving them! Take a few minutes and think about all the things you love in life as you watch today's video. CD -

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