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We Fall To Pieces
A 90 year old grandmother rewrote Patsy Cline's "I Fall To Pieces" and dedicated it to all the seniors out there.
Added: 8th October 2017
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Tags patsy cline we fall to pieces I fall to pieces grandmother 90 years old

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Baby Squirrel Gives Mom a REALLY Hard Time
Just another day in a Mom's life! A baby squirrel falls from the nest to the ground and then becomes terrified when Mom tries to coax, carry prod and shove him back into the nest. Will she ever get this frightened boy home? Watch to find out.
Added: 15th October 2017
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Tags squirrel baby squirrel mom afraid

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109-Year-Old Veteran Shares His Secrets to Life
Meet Richard Overton, America's oldest veteran. In this lively short film by Matt Cooper and Rocky Conly, hear the whiskey-drinking, cigar-smoking supercentenarian reveal his secrets to a long life.

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Barn Find: Original Paint 1962 Fuel Injected Corvette Stored 50 Years!
Imagine getting your hands on a1962 Fuel Injected Corvette with original paint that had been hidden away in a barn for 50 years! Seems that Steve had known about the car for some time and had his name on a list along with 9 other's should the owner's widow ever decide to sell the car... that day finally came and Steve was the lucky guy that got the call...
Added: 11th October 2017
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Tags barn find rare finds 1962 Corvette Uncovered after 50 years

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10 Secret Places Most Tourists Don't Know About
10 unknown destinations from Treehouse Point the place to go for healthy adventure or head out to Finland for the best arctic resort.

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