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Angels Of The Morning
Some "Angels Of The Morning" are up before the sun. Such is the case with Nala the Teacup Poodle whose mission is making everyone smile at a nursing home in Minnesota. She runs room to room and rides the elevator to visit patients. No one can say if dogs go to heaven but these residents well tell you that heaven sent Nala to them.

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Talking Dog Wendy Wows Judges!
The Judges are left open-mouthed when Marc Matral introduces his talking dog Miss Wendy. "Congratulations, in the nine years of doing this show, Simon has said he wanted a dog that could meow or sing, and you did both, incredible," says Amanda. Simon is totally smitten! facebook.com/BGT
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Best of Times
Today we take a walk down memory lane as we look and listen to clips of our favorite TV shows, movies, actors, singers, cars and songs from the 50's, 60's and 70's. For me this brings back memories of good times and bad times but mostly good. How about you? Thanks for watching and sharing!
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Best Laughing News Bloopers in History Of The  Internet
If you haven't laughed at least 10 times by the end of this hilarious compilation of news anchors, reporters, and weather forecasters having uncontrollable laughing fits on live TV you may need to see you laugh doctor. Not all of the clips are that funny but several had me on rolling on the floor. facebook.com/NewsBeFunny

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