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Worlds's Fastest Archer - You Got To See This Guy!
For thousands of years, the bow and arrow was used for war. Those days are long gone and most people today only know of archery through TV and movies. However, as the Danish archer Lars Andersen has proved, Hollywood archery has very little to do with actual war archery. Watch as Lars makes Robin Hood look like a rank beginner.
Added: 25th January 2015
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Changing A Light Bulb 1500 Feet Off The Ground!
Somebody has to change out that lightbulb at the top of those tall TV towers! This is tower climber Kevin Schmidt making the climb to the very top of the now inactive KDLT TV analog broadcast antenna near Salem, SD. It was a beautiful fall day for a climb and the views are stunning! I would suggest watching at 1080 HD in full screen to get a small taste of the experience. facebook.com/prairieaerial

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Cop Turns Abandoned Plane Into Street-Legal Car
CAR-enthusiast cop Jeff Bloch amazes road users cruising the streets in a converted PLANE. The 42-year-old police officer - dubbed Speedy Cop by his friends - combined an abandoned Cessna aircraft with a Toyota van to make his jaw-dropping ride. The 27-foot vehicle was originally built for the 24 Hours of LeMons race in South Carolina, US - but since then Jeff has made the car street legal. bit.ly/Zy31LB

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Maroon 5 - Sugar ( Wedding Crashers - NOT! )
I'm all smiles after watching Maroon 5 driving across LA and hitting every wedding they could find, surprising the wedding party with a taste of their amazing music! I'm a big fan of Maroon 5's Adam Levine. This video took him and the band up another notch for me. Hope you enjoy it half as much as I did. maroon5.com/
Added: 16th January 2015
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Shammy The Miniature Horse
A TINY horse who suffers from a rare form of dwarfism has become an Internet superstar after his owner posted a vidoe to Facebook. Little Shammy's condition may make him smaller than his fellow equines - but that doesn't stop him being mischievous and delighting his online fan base. After Michele posted a video to a Facebook page she set up for Shammy eh quickly gained 5,000 fans so she decided to write a book about his exploits. Unfortunately his condition will inevitably lead to problems later on in life. Search for Shammy The Dwarf on Facebook.

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