FEATURED VIDEO: Crazy Piano Player Guy Rocks Out in Hardware Store
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Crazy Piano Player Guy Rocks Out in Hardware Store
.... So this teenager ( Jacob Tolliver ) walks into a hardware store and finds an unfinished piano..... and suddenly we get a Jerry Lee Lewis classic!! ( or two! )
Added: 26th July 2015
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From "The Carol Burnett Show". This hilarious skit features Tim Conway and Harvey Korman in a wonderfully funny skit about a concert violinist (Korman) who needs to have his prized heirloom violin repaired before a big concert appearance and goes to "Mr. Fix It" (Conway). Lots of fun. enjoy!
Added: 17th July 2015
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Living with 16 Puppies
Liv Christer ( Grua, Norway ) has been fascinated by this charming breed her entire life, and finally got her own dog- a basenji- after years of nagging at the age of 14. She bred her first litter at the age of 16.Since that day there has been many more little Basenjis in her life, and there will probably always be one or more of these little charmers by her side. Once you fall in love with a basenji, it is hard not to have one (or three..). She had two litters before she got her kennel name registered on 2004. She chose the name "Kingwana", which is the Swahili name for "Congo", the breeds origin country. http://kingwanas.com/
Added: 5th July 2015
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Homeless Man Plays Piano Beautifully (Sarasota, FL) (ORIGINAL)
Donald (Boone) Gould has become an overnight viral sensation with his beautiful musical talent! This Sarasota homeless man has over 2 million Facebook hits on the video of him playing the piano in downtown Sarasota. A absolutely beautiful version of Styx! Donald plays the streets of Sarasota daily. Donald is a former Marine and is just a few classes short a degree in music theory. He is extremely musically talented and can play or teach any instrument! Hopefully all the press he's getting from this video will help get his life back on track. Jacqueline Bevan created a gofundme page for Donald. http://www.gofundme.com/yc3p2e6

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Why Dogs Are Better Than Cats
Everyone knows dogs are man's best friend. ( Tomorrow we will see Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs ). Which do you like best
Added: 13th July 2015
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