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NOTE: Make sure your volume is set to Low to Medium for this one. ROFLMBO! Wait for it...... I TOLD YOU NOT TO DO THAT! I TOLD YOU NOT TO DO THAT! She told him not to do that! If you are interested in magic and want to buy the app, you can find it
Added: 4th November 2014
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Restore Your Faith In Humanity In 4 Minutes Flat
If you're ever worried about losing faith in humankind, despair not: here is the antidote. Cue happy tears... "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." - Aesop PLEASE SHARE for the good of humanity. Music: 'Because of You' by Gareth Johnson / Paul Mottram
Added: 10th November 2014
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Free Therapy - Step Inside And Relax!
Would you like to know the secret to stress relief? Total strangers were invited to step inside a big glass "therapy" office and then they were surprised with... I think you will be surprised too.
Added: 13th November 2014
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Touch - Jean-Baptiste Chandelier - 1080p HD
Extreme Paraglider Jean-Baptiste Chandelier Soars Over Europe showing us spectacular feats and beautiful scenery. He been a paragliding pilot since 2004 and his thing is the acrobatic and proximity flight. Besides competition, his goal is to share the feeling of flight with his videos to make everyone dream of flying.
Added: 7th November 2014
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Sea Lion Jumps On Fishing Boat, Gets Huge Fish And Leaves!
Who knew sea lions were so fast? Some guys were fishing off the coast of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico recently when this determined sea lion started trailing behind the fast moving boat before leaping on board to collect a large fish. Then with a Michael Jackson Moon Walk impression, he leaves as quickly as he appeared.
Added: 9th November 2014
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