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Comedian Jeanne Robertson - You Don't Know Garth Brooks?
Jeanne tells us a funny story about trying to get her husband to go to Arizona to see Garth Brooks. "Left Brain" has other ideas. Are you a "left brain"?... sometimes I think I am.

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Elephant Baby-Mother Love Will Make You Cry
A 5 day old elephant calf gets stranded in a large muddy pond. The mother is close by but unable to help.... then man steps in to save the day! The mother-baby reunion is priceless!

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A Magnificent and Relaxing Photographic Expedition Video by Richard Sidey
Richard Sidey , a photographer from New Zealand with a great admiration for the polar regions , joined an expedition in Antarctica to capture the wild beauty of this icy wonder! There are clips of nature, bear, birds and whales with the sounds they made while "singing," along with some really beautiful, relaxing music. So, sound up, full screen and enjoy this amazing video!

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Here's the Best of the Week People are Awesome videos! Today we have some amazing videos for this compilation, including BMX, skateboarding, parkour, basketball, pool trick shots, freerunning, hula hooping, breakdancing and juggling.

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A Blind Horse and His Best Friend
When Roderick Olsen's horse Zaxson went blind, he did not cast the animal aside. Instead, he embraced Zaxson, taking him for walks in the woods and acting as his eyes. Since then, the two have developed a close friendship built on mutual trust and love.

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