FEATURED VIDEO: Harley The Funny Cockatoo
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This is some footage that was captured while in Myanmar by Jacob + Katie Schwarz. Lots of wild and beautiful animals in 4K Ultra HD. Best viewed full screen at your highest possible resolution, sound up!
Added: 16th May 2015
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Father And 3 Yr Old Son Help Struggling Hummingbird
A beautiful little hummingbird is unable to fly after getting stuck in a piece of gum until a father and his 3 yr. old son come to the rescue! I admit I have thrown gum outside..... no more!
Added: 14th May 2015
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These Cute Dogs Are So Happy On Their Swing Sets!
These dogs on swings are so cute, and so happy! Who ever said swing sets are just for kids??? Watch these puppies on swings relax at the park. Have you ever put your dog in a swing at the park? Let me know in the comments if your puppy loves to swing!

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Man Buys Dresser, Finds Treasure Inside
CNN affiliate KPRC reports on a man who got more than he paid for when he bought a dresser at an estate sale. Be sure to see what happens to the stash at the end of the video.
Added: 21st May 2015
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Evolution of the Bikini with Amanda Cerny
Amanda Cerny shows us how the bikini has evolved overtime. What decade has your favorite look?

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