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Cupcakes, Cupcakes, Who Stole The Cupcakes!
Sierra is a one year old German Shorthair Pointer, turns out that she loves cupcakes. Her owners found this out the hard way and could not figure out who had eaten about a dozen of the freshly made cupcakes, so they set up the cupcake cam. Turns out they caught the cupcake loving dog in the act, in this video, she manages to eat 5 cupcakes in about 5 minutes....
Added: 15th April 2014
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Baby Elephant Navann's Outing
Baby elephant Navann plays in the mud pit and takes a dip in the river with his mother and nanny at Elephant Nature Park in Mae Tang, Chiang Mai, northern Thailand.
Added: 20th April 2014
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Emi Sunshine and the Rain
9-Year-Old Emi Sunshine Performs On The Today Show. Not only is Emi a great singer, she also plays ukulele, banjolele, mandolin, kazoo and the piano. And she writes her own songs. Her band "Emi Sunshine and the Rain" consists of her dad, uncle and brother. Don't miss her now famous "wink" at the end!
Added: 2nd April 2014
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Labs Are Awesome!
Labradors are loyal, loving, energetic, happy and one of the most fun dog breeds!
Added: 23rd April 2014
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Chimp Builds Fire And Roasts Marshmallows - REALLY!
Kanzi the bonobo chimp lives in America and has learned how to build a fire, light it using matches and roast marshmallows on it. It shows just how like us some primates really are.
Added: 21st April 2014
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