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WWII Vet Forms Unlikely Friendship With Toddler
89.5 year-old Erling has an unusual friendship with his neighbor, 3.5 year-old Emmet . The two are nearly inseparable. You always hope that a tale such as this one will result in a happy ending, but life just isn't that simple...
Added: 14th July 2014
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Stand-Up Comic Reveals Dating Disasters - Dan Naturman
A stand-up comic rises to the occasion when he auditions for "America's Got Talent." See Dan Naturman riff about marriage, the scary truth about online dating and more!
Added: 6th July 2014
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Why It Is Great to Have A Younger Sibling
The excitement of welcoming a new family member can be overwhelming for anyone - especially an older brother or sister! Here are some of the best reasons why younger siblings are so great - watch as these reactions are too funny to pass up!
Added: 8th July 2014
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I'm A Real Life Mermaid
Meet 3 real-life mermaids ( Erin, Lauren, and Katie ) and hear their side of the story. It isn't always easy being a mermaid...
Added: 11th July 2014
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Guilty Dog Apologizes To Baby For Stealing Her Toys
Charlie the dog tries to apologize to baby after stealing her toys. It's never to late to apologize to a friend. Charlie/157486427782271
Added: 21st July 2014
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