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Little Birdy Rotisserie Prank
Everybody loves rotisseries chicken - so what about rotisserie bird? In this vegetarian-revenge prank, people get a taste of what's really in their delicious snacks. goo.gl/wJxjG

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Catnip - Simon's Cat (A Christmas Special!)
'A curious cat goes crazy for catnip!' simonscat.com
Added: 5th December 2014
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Adorable Waking Puppy Sings Along To His Favorite Song - Let It Go
When this Australian shepherd, named Oakley, wakes up and hears his favorite song on the radio his reactions will steal your heart! facebook.com/Frozenpuppy
Added: 1st December 2014
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Denver The Guilty Dog Strikes Again!
You will know why she is called 'Denver The Guilty Dog' when you see the expressions on her face and the red around her mouth. Busted! ( Denver says the cat made her do it. ).

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Derby the dog: Running on 3D Printed Prosthetics
Tara Anderson says to be able to help anybody, a person, a dog, whoever... to have a better life.. there's just no better thing to be involved with. See how she helped design a unique, custom 3D printed prosthetics which allow Derby the dog to run for the first time.

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