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Irritating Noise On The Golf Course
Funny! Have you ever been on the tee, ready to make that perfect shot and then this happens?
Added: 10th November 2015
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Epic Pet Baths Compilation
Bath time for pets is aww time for humans. Here are the most amazing videos of animals getting clean.

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Dear Kitten: My Friend Peanut
Cat takes a walk down memory lane and tells Kitten about former best friend "Peanut." Although they were the best of friends, there was one thing about "Peanut" that Cat wouldn't stand for.

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Rescue Dogs Go To The Water Park
Sometimes a treat just won't do. Dogs make the world a better place. I hope you enjoy this fun video of rescue dogs at the water park!

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Talented French Bulldog Sings Duet with His Human in the Car
Smile Alert! While riding in the car, Junior, the French bulldog, sings a duet of Josef Salvat's version of "Diamonds" with his human, Walter Ledermuller.
Added: 21st November 2015
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Tags french bulldog dog diamonds joset salvat walter ledermuller

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