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How powerful is a wolf's bite...
A guy named Steve visits a research station where Tess, a scientist studying wolves takes him in to an enclosure where he encounters Wolves face to face, and ends up howling with the pack! According to Steve, a wolf's sense of smell is over 2,000 times that of a human and their bite is twice as strong as that of a German Shepherd police dog.

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Horsing Around
David Lichman Practicing for HorsExpo 2017 with Sr. Team Julio, Scotty, and the newest member, Paulo. They are almost ready for the big show. Looks like a lot of fun!

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Nanny And The Dandelion Monster
For several days this young grizzly was visiting a ranch near Yellowstone national park and eating dandelions in the meadow. He or she is 2 years old and most likely just very recently separated from the mama bear. Grizzly mother usually mates every other year, so her cubs stay with her until they around two years old, by then they already know how to survive on their own . Youtuber 'honeysada' says "It was very exciting to watch and film this young grizzly. While I was editing videos on the computer my cat Nanny expressed huge interest in the videos, so I took her with me a few times to the field to see this gorgeous dandelion monster :)"
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Men With Pans: Comedy Duo Perform With A Surprising Wardrobe Choice - AGT 2017
Size matters when it comes to the size of the frying pans this duo uses on stage. See why this exposing act left the judges belly laughing.

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Three Raccoon Babies Make Human Friend
Three baby raccoons befriend a fisherman at a creek in Wooster, Ohio. The extremely playful critters crawled on top of the man and followed him around. Encounters between wild raccoons and humans are common throughout the United States, but what makes this scene heartbreaking is the possibility that baby raccoons are orphans. A second fisherman who came upon the scene not only fed the raccoons a dead fish, but built them a shelter near where they were found.

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