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Guy Awkwardly Dances With 100 Strangers.
Matt Bray spent two months traveling all around the United States and Canada and drove over 10,000 miles to dance with 100 different people. The song used in the video is "Gone" by JR JR.

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Animal world is by far the funniest world - Funny animal compilation
The animal world is full of funny and ridiculous moments, moments that can make anyone laugh. Animals are so cute and their behavior is so hilarious. Just look at all these cats, kittens, dogs, puppies, bears, goats, squirrels, otters, deer... how they behave, how they make funny sounds, fail, play, eat... ! What is your favorite clip? :)

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PEOPLE ARE AWESOME (Olympic Sports Edition) | Rio 2016
This week on People are Awesome everyone is getting super excited for the Olympic Games in Rio and so here's a quick compilation of some of the best Olympic sports clips! Including gymnastics, trampoline, taekwondo, football, tennis and more! AWESOME!

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How One Man Grows Jolly Green Giant Size Vegetables
Growing up in a family of 15, Phillip Vowles learned to appreciate the effort it took to feed all his brothers and sisters. So when he started harvesting his own crop, he decided to supersize his venture. As Phillip says, “big vegetables feed big families.” Today, his giant veggies top-out at over 100 pounds and can feed more than just a few families.

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Dancing On The Ceiling - Dancing In 80's Movies Tribute
Last week marked the 30th anniversary of Lionel Richie's album "Dancing On the Ceiling" and to celebrate here's a nostalgia overload of 80 movie dance scenes from the 80's getting down. This nostalgic mashup will give you just the feel-good push you need to get your week off to a great start. Do you have a favorite 80's movie? Leave it in the comments below the video.
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