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Cupcakes, Cupcakes, Who Stole The Cupcakes!
Sierra is a one year old German Shorthair Pointer, turns out that she loves cupcakes. Her owners found this out the hard way and could not figure out who had eaten about a dozen of the freshly made cupcakes, so they set up the cupcake cam. Turns out they caught the cupcake loving dog in the act, in this video, she manages to eat 5 cupcakes in about 5 minutes....
Added: 15th April 2014
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Exhausted Dad Drinks Coffee While Young Daughter Dances
For the past three months, this father has been recording his Saturday mornings with his young daughter. The one day a week he has off from work he wakes up to his little girls music dance party. He attempts to look a little aggravated in the video but is is obvious to me that he loves this little girl very much! Who wouldn't!
Added: 6th April 2014
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Magic For Dogs Part 2
Do dogs react to magic? Watch as magician & mentalist Jose Ahonen vanished some dog treats under their noses. By the way, all the dogs got treats before and after the trick :)
Added: 3rd April 2014
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Action Movie Kid Compilation - AWESOME!
This 3-year-old kid is awesome. His dad says "He gets into some epic situations which remind me that life is an adventure". ( Dad does this type work in the movie industry so, NO!, it isn't real and no one was hurt during the production of this video. )
Added: 10th April 2014
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Calvin The Junk Mail Dog!
Calvin approaches the door and waits patiently... well, not really. Every day when the mailman makes his delivery this is how Calvin reacts. I'm still laughing. Glad it's not my mail!
Added: 17th April 2014
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