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TX Rancher Girl (Texas Country Reporter)
When her father passed away, Linda Galayda decided to leave her career in the fashion industry to take over the family ranch. Linda Galayda Elkhart, TX 75839 Website:

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Today I Learned: Ferrets
On this episode of Today I Learned, you will learn about the weirdest (but cutest) little weasel pet; THE FERRET!

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He Won't Ever Be Gone | Willie Nelson
Check out Willie's tribute to his friend and collaborator Merle Haggard. "He Won't Ever Be Gone" features Merle's son, Ben Haggard.
Added: 22nd May 2018
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Cat Loves Stealing Pencils- PIPPA
Cat Loves Stealing Every Pencil In The House | This cat is OBSESSED with pencils.

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