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Bear Saves Bird From Drowning. Your Daily Dose Of Internet
From a bear saving a bird from drowning, a giant ball of burning matches to a deer and dog at play, these are just a few of the clips you will see in today's video. Enjoy!

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Ride Me Back Home by Willie Nelson (Mini Music Documentary) Willie Nelson sings Ride Me Back Home, from the CD of the same title. (Mini Music Documentary) Available today at
Added: 20th May 2019
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Goat KIds Gone Wild!
While the mamas eat their grain each night the babies kick up their heels! Maybe they know they have the pasture to themselves, maybe they know its almost time to go to bed, but every night for that 10 minutes the field is joyful mayhem! It is so much fun to watch. When the older goats are done with dinner sometimes they even have a little early evening fun before retiring to the barn for sleep! Stay tuned to the end of the video for a couple slow motion clips celebrating front hoof stands (this is the first year we have had a goat who does this!) and awesome leaps!

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Cutest Wagon Ride Ever
Many mornings our 18-month-old granddaughter Max comes out to do chores with us while her mom takes care of her little brother. Among her first words were hay, bucket, and goat! She has no fear around any of the farm animals. (I guess living in a house with two 150+ lb dogs will make you fearless!) It never gets old seeing her wading through a mud puddle, greeting each of the animals as we do chores and carrying buckets to the water hose. As I kid I would have loved to grow up on a farm and now that I am living a life I might have only dreamed of, it is so so fun to share it with Max. Today after chores, we decided to take some time out to play and took Max and the littlest goat kids on a wagon ride. I think they all had fun on the adventure! Figured we would bring you along for the ride too just in case you are dreaming of owning a farm one day, having goats, or a grandkid, or maybe just need a little break from the office! Cheers to you all and all the ways you are taking time to savor whatever the present day has brought you. My daughter, son in law and her kids are moving to their own house later this summer, so I am making every effort to enjoy every moment of having them so close!

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