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Who is Faster Zebra v Bloodhound v Buffalo
Watch as Isabel our bloodhound races Hank our Zebra and the Buffalo get in on the action at Dade City's Wild Things ZOO

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Ep 1. HAMSTER BOX - Funny/Scary Dog Video! (Dog Version of Bird Box!)
Crusoe and Oakley the mini #dachshunds find themselves in a scary but funny predicament when strange things start happening outside, wherein Crusoe realizes there is an inconspicuous monster that attacks all those who "see" it, so they wear blindfolds to protect themselves! This funny dog video is a spoof of the Netflix movie #BIRDBOX, but at the end we'll see what it takes for Oakley to want to throw off his blindfold and go running out the door! The dachshunds use their hamster, aka #HAMSTERBOX to detect when the monster is nearby, like the movie, which uses birds, of course! As a disclaimer, these blindfolds are virtually transparent and dogs were always comfortable and all actions carefully orchestrated.

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The Entertainer on a 1915´s Piano
The Entertainer, by Scott Joplin played on an old piano. Honky-tonk has the sound closest to the pianos of the time, and probably that was how ragtime sounded in its time. This piano is inaccurate and probably Scott Joplin was alive when this piano was made.

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Lol! You Won't Stop Laughing With These Comedians - America's Got Talent: The Champions
Crack up at all these comedy acts from America's Got Talent: The Champions featuring Preacher Lawson and Drew Lynch.

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Wow! These Magic Tricks Will Blow Your Mind - America's Got Talent: The Champions
Get ready for your mind to be blown away by Colin Cloud, Issy Simpson, Jon Dorenbos, and Shin Lim.

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