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Fox cub gets head stuck in a wheel!
With recent news stories about dogs getting stuck in tyres, we thought we would revisit one of our strangest rescues to date. Out team was called out to a fox cub 'stuck in a fence', but when rescuer, Goff, arrived, it turned out to be something very different! Goff rushed the cub back to the centre, where Simon and vet nurse, Sara, had their work cut out getting the little fox free. Amazingly, the fox was freed without the need to cut through the wheel and, after a brief recovery time, it could be returned to the wild!

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Baby Rhino Grows Up With Goat Best Friend
Baby Rhino and Goat Best Friend | When this baby rhino was rescued, he was too little to play with the older rhinos at his sanctuary. So he was introduced to a goat instead! Today on Odd Couples, watch how Khula the rhino and Imbuzi the goat became best friends. Their favorite activities include: playing tag, snuggling and generally being inseparable

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Buddy the cat
He was found living out in the snow. Now, Buddy’s the king of the catio. We've teamed up Banfield Pet Hospital and The Pixie Project to do something paws-itive for cats and wildlife. Learn more: https://www.banfield.com/ http://www.pixieproject.org/
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A Buckload of Cute Baby Goats
These sweet triplets are two days old! Could they be any sweeter? So docile and lovey! Their names are Ophelia, Hamlet and Yorick. They were perfectly happy to enjoy some time together in a bucket of hay while their mom ate dinner!

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Speed Demons | Zoomies Pet Video Compilation
These crazy pets have a case of the zoomies! Watch as these speed demons fly, run, jump, and flail all over the place!

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