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Adorable Footage Of Dog Riding A Horse
This cute dog was caught on camera riding his friend the horse and play with him. The two adorable animals have many fans all over the internet- they perform a number of stunts and have many talents. Dally a nine year old Jack Russel and Spanky a ten year old miniature horse. Francesca Carson, who works with the successful double, captured the video of Dally riding Spanky around the 100-acre ranch, in Spokane, Washington, USA.

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Pileated Woodpecker Drumming
Pileated Woodpecker father and son. Father is using a traditional sounding board to drum on. This drumming can be heard throughout forests this time of year. If you look closely you can see worn peck marks in this piece of branch. The sound is tuned just right. Note the son is almost as big as dad but has a orange sort of Mohawk crest spiky crest and not all the flight feathers are completely in. Their nest was deep in the jungle behind the Backyard and I could not find it among the many large pine trees.

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Most Amazing Kitten Video Compilation July 2018
Funny Pet Video presents an all funny and all adorable cute kitten compilation featuring the funniest cat clips, viral videos, bloopers and moments caught on tape

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A Chat With Wild Rabbit and Squirrels
This is what a Backyard Talk Show would be like with wild furry animals as guests. They are good listeners at least! Back in Florida lets try and have a conversation with/about the young Marsh Rabbit and deal with the squirrels who insist on being the center of attention.

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