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Man Saves Owl Wrapped In Fishing Line.
This video shows Craig Loving saving a Great Horned Owl near the 1st Tee Box at Lost Creek Country Club. The owl had been sitting in that location all night and into the day, when two of the Club employees, Devin and Dora, realized the owl was caught on fishing line. No wildlife rescue professionals were available, so Craig saved the day. Lost Creek Country Club cares about Wildlife, and they are so thankful this owl was saved! Great job, Craig!

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Funny Dogs Protecting Babies Compilation 2017
Funny and cute dogs guarding their human babies! Dogs and babies are so heart warming! Puppies & Babies & Kitties OH MY! New videos all the time!

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Clumsy Cats Falling off Bed Compilation
Cats will never fail to amuse us with their clumsiness. Falling off bed is their speciality.

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10 Awesome Travel Hacks YOU Should Try
Whether you’re traveling by plane or car this break, here are some simple travel tips just for YOU!

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