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31 Unique Dogs With Unbelievable Fur Markings
From a Puppy Wearing a Mask to a Fancy Moustache Dog and a Dog with Eyeliner here are 31 Unique Dogs With Unbelievable Coats.

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Lonely Street Cat Breaks Into Car To Find A Loving Home
Leo has always known what he wanted in life - someone to love him and a warm home. And, you won't believe they lengths he will go to get it! #adoptdontshop ...

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TGIF Pets Video Compilation 2017
From excited dogs running into the ocean, happy horses trotting around, to dancing cockatoos rocking out to Friday jams, these are just a few of the pets that are happy it's Friday, in this TGIF pets video compilation.

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All-Natural Monkey Spa
The Jigokudani Valley in Japan's Joshinetsu-Kogen National Park is a high altitude, snow-covered landscape of cliffs and chasms that holds a surprising secret: naturally occurring hot springs that bubble with subterranean heat and fill the air with steam. However, we humans aren't the only primates who have discovered the hot springs. In the early 1960s, Japanese macaques moved down from the higher forests above the valley and made themselves right at home in the warm waters. These snow monkeys have been using them as a warm-up spot ever since. Spa day, anyone?

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Simon's Cat: A Day In The Life Of A Cat Owner
Do you ever think that Simon's Cat reminds you of your own cat? Watch this collection to see the trials and tribulations of cat owner Simon during a typical day. How does your cat compare? Featuring cat fails, computer malfunctions, a baseball bat, a very rude awakening and the internet's cutest kitten.

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