Best Pets of the Week | October 2017 Week 1
From birds spinning on straws to German Shepherds doing yoga with their owners, here are the best pets of the week! Sit back and watch these awesome cats, dogs, birds, and even bats be the cute, adorable, lovable creature they are!

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RARE: DeLorean Hovers on the Bay
DeLorean Hovers by the Golden Gate Bridge.
Added: 17th January 2013
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Let There Be Peace On Earth - 5 Yr Old Claire Ryann Crosby with Special Guests!
Let there be peace on earth... Let it begin with me. Claire and her dad ( and the Piano Guys ) performing during #TheLightWorld campaign! This campaign encourages us all to serve other people during the season. What a wonderful season it is! Enjoy.
Added: 19th December 2017
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Tags Claire Ryann Ellen Kid Crosby Family Disney Kid Piano Guys Cello Piano

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That's What Cat Mom's Do - Furball Fables
When the youngest cat at the Furball house asks who his Mom is, the other cats explain to him who their real mom is! Happy Mother's Day to all Cat Mom's!

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The Furniture Farmer | That's Amazing
In the heart of the bucolic county of Derbyshire, England, Gavin Munro tends to a unique crop: furniture. Munro grows completely natural household furnishings by carefully pruning and grafting trees over the course of a decade. Though the process requires patience, the beautiful results are both functional and sustainable.
Added: 23rd December 2016
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