Slap Ya Mama - Comedy - Tim Hawkins
From Tim Hawkins' "Greatest Hits & Greatest Bits" - Get it now at Tim's online store: This new 2 DVD collection of Tim's best includes 3+ hours of live songs, stand-up bits, and music videos + BONUS rare archived footage from his early career.
Added: 22nd November 2013
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Breakdown | 1965 Shelby GT350
Steve Beck bought this 1965 GT350 for $900 on his 18th birthday, hoping to make an impression at his first big job interview as a mechanic. He got the job as soon as they saw the Shelby, and after years of track days, vintage racing, and more than a few speeding tickets, Beck is still going pedal to the metal in the legendary pony car. A veteran of California’s Willow Springs International Raceway since the 1970s, Beck returns in his GT350, looks through the windshield, and feels 18 years old all over again. This is a Breakdown of Hagerty's Flat Out video series, where we dig deeper into the stories and people behind the cars tearing it up on the track. Be sure to check out the GT350 on the move in its Flat Out episode here.

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Stunned Husbands Prank - Hilarious
Stunned Husbands Prank - Hilarious What would you do if your significant other whipped out $200 from her wallet and gave it to a couple of nuns? They say charity begins at home, but the husbands are STUNNED when their wives pull out a large wad of cash to put into the nuns' collection tin at the mall! One husband goes so far as to take the money back out of the hands of the nun! Hilarious!
Added: 23rd September 2012
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Adorable chipmunk devours pizza
During a recent trip to Vermont, Gary J. captured this adorable footage featuring a hungry chipmunk enjoying a delicious slice of pizza. Everyone loves pizza!
Added: 23rd July 2016
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Pampers - Pooface commercial
This brilliant Pampers ad captures babies making doody in HD and glorious slow-motion. They are facial expressions anyone who has cared for a baby will ...
Added: 12th July 2015
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