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Coolest Corgis Ever Compilation
If you're ever in need of a cuteness break, corgis are always there to lift your mood. Here's a few videos of some of the coolest corgis around.

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Lottery Win
Braintree, MA (October 17, 2012). - Sandeep "Sunny" Singh, 22, of Hyannis, Massachusetts claims the $30.5 million jackpot prize that he won in the Tuesday, October 16, 2012 Mega Millions drawing.
Added: 19th October 2012
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Jimmy Kimmel Reveals Wolf In Hotel Hallway Prank
US Olympic luger Kate Hansen tweeted a video that showed a wolf wandering the hallways of her dorm in Sochi. Within minutes almost every news and sports website ran a story on it. The thing is, it was all a prank we orchestrated with Kate as Jimmy's co-conspirator. Jimmy reveals the rest of the wolf clip and talks to Kate about their prank.
Added: 21st February 2014
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If You're Missing Someone This Christmas This Song Is Dedicated To You
Story behind the Song: "So last year, was a really tough year for us. We lost our daughter, Annie. People talk about grief, pain, fear, sorrow. All of these words, can't really describe how you feel when you really go through the loss of a loved one. Even though we held onto hope, that we would somehow see her again, it was just a brutal time that we were going through, right at Christmas. It felt pretty hard to celebrate. And then I found this song. It was just a video on Facebook by this Christian artist and he was singing about the very struggle I was having. As my wife and I listened to the words of this song, it expressed exactly what we were feeling. It also gave us what we needed at the time. That was comfort. So many people struggle with loss at this time of year, not just me. If you are missing someone this Christmas, I want to dedicate this song to you. I also want to dedicate it to Annie, my sweet Annie, who I miss very much." -Jon Schmidt

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