With or without you
Emanuele and Junior are singing "With or without you". This time Junior is singing his heart out and with his soul. It is so funny. You must see it. Junior is a French Bulldog.

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Weirdest, Coolest Pet Friend Combos (Fun Compilation!)
Dogs and goats, cats and pigs ... we celebrate (and squeal over) those amazing animals who go outside their species to find a BFF.

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How Cats Show Love For Their Human
How do cats show their love to owners? Here's Cole the Black Cat & Marmalade's guide to loving a human! Happy Valentine's Day everyone, hope you get lots of head bumps and kitty snuggle time :) Watch more Cole the Black Cat on Animalist at: http://animalist.com/ coletheblackcat
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Selfish Pup Refuses To Share Food
Some of us are better at sharing than others! And that's certainly the case with these canine siblings! This tiny little pup has a bigger bark appetite than
Added: 24th June 2016
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Cat Dangling From Wire CAUGHT by Rescuers
Cat Gets Stuck On Telephone Wire | This cat got herself stuck way out on a telephone line and got too tired to hold on. The rescue is INTENSE!

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