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Elephant Harmonica Jam
When the elephant keepers at the Smithsonian's National Zoo hear the sound of a harmonica, it's not the radio they've left on. Instead, it's the Zoo's 36-year-old Asian elephant, Shanthi, who, unsolicited, has a propensity for coming up with her own ditties using whatever instruments the keepers have provided.
Added: 10th May 2012
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Ninja Cat Scares Brother Into A Pool
Cats can be pretty darn sneak and a bit of a jerk sometimes! Well this kitty does a pretty good job at being both when he sneaks up on his unsuspecting brother
Added: 21st June 2016
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Endangered Turtles Return to the Wild
Summer came early this week for 15 western pond turtles reared at the Oregon Zoo. With the help of volunteers and local wildlife agencies, the zoo returned the endangered reptiles to the wild at the Columbia River Gorge yesterday, just in time for World Turtle Day.

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Animals Love Food!: Funniest Hungry Animal Clips & Compilation
The two greatest things in the world are animals and food. That is a fact. Cats, pigs, even squirrels can't get enough of it
Added: 9th March 2017
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Maru The Cat Trying To Get Into A Box
Because Maru is on the cover. However, he believes that he can go into it by all means.
Added: 18th February 2013
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