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Clay Pigeon Golf Shot
Challenge #2: Can any of these top golfers knock a clay pigeon out of the sky with a golf ball? Thongchai Jaidee - 4 x European Tour Winner David Horsey - BMW International Open Winner Johan Edfors - 3 x European Tour Winner Simon Kahn - BMW PGA Champion
Added: 2nd March 2011
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Magical Dragon Fish Tank
The family finally gets to lay eyes on its new dragon-themed tank. | For more Tanked, visit animal.discovery.com/tv/tanked/
Added: 23rd October 2014
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Edelweiss - Daves Highway
We added this song to our CD "A Brand New Day" by special request. It'd not exactly in our genre, but it's a real pretty song. We shot the video in The Great Smokey Mountains near Gatlinburg, TN. We hope you like it. DavesHighway.com
Added: 11th August 2014
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Owner communicates with puppy only by barking
Arnie the French Bulldog has a full "conversation" with his owner in this adorable clip. Can anyone translate what they're talking about?
Added: 28th April 2016
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Tags cute dog adorable animal bark pussy

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This Is Exactly Why You Hire Professionals To Do This Sort Of Job.
Occurred on October 3, 2015 / Roseville, California, USA
Added: 13th September 2016
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