Are Your Car Mirrors Adjusted Correctly
Ben Eytalis shows the wrong and the right way to adjust your car's rear and side view mirrors to eliminate blindspots. You'd be suprised...your mirrors are probably adjusted incorrectly! THIS IS NOT A LANE CHANGE PROCEDURE VIDEO, it is a mirror adjustment video. When changing lanes always use your turn signal, shoulder check, don't talk on your cell phone, don't drive while intoxicated, and keep both of your eyes open while driving. ;o) Photography & Editing: Ben Eytalis
Added: 5th March 2011
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Dorothy: a Scared Senior Dog Bites Her Rescuer
Dorothy: a Scared Senior Dog Bites Her Rescuer But Then Makes an Incredible Transformation.
Added: 25th October 2015
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Karlee Martin and Jackson Batten - 2016 National SHAG Dance Championship Junior II Champions
Karlee Martin & Jackson Batten are this years winners in the Junior II Division of the National SHAG Dance Championship. The competition is a three-night event featuring over 50 contestants in six divisions - Junior I, Junior II, Non-Pro, Pro, Senior and Masters. DVD's of the Nationals are available through Stages Video Productions. Individual 2-hour DVD's of either Thursday night, Friday night or Saturday night competition sell for $50 which includes S&H. The entire 3-DVD set is available for $135. To order call Stages Video at 843-626-7466.

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A Unique Friendship Brought Together by Skype
Meet Sarah and Paige. They've been best friends since they were 8 years old. For years, they've shared everything over Skype. But the crazy part is they've never met in person. Until now.
Added: 5th November 2013
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Tiny Horse Playing With Large Ball
Featuring Pepino, Roux and Felicia! music: Don Byron "Bug Music"

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