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Near death airplane collision with skydiver in free fall
After an uneventful exit.... The pilot dove the airplane 180 degrees right at me and my tandem passenger. how we got so lucky?!?! Not sure. I have never heard of this happening. After some research and talking to friends about it I now know of two other incidents like this. One is on you tube and he did not get as lucky as we did....

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Rescued Calf And Little Boy Grow Up Together | The Dodo
Rescued Calf And Little Boy Grow Up Together | This baby cow was rescued from a hurricane and became best friends with a little boy

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Eastern Meadowlark  Calling and Singing
Rare capture of an Eastern Meadowlark foraging for inspects on the ground and calling and singing. Such a beautiful bird with lots of personality. I was lucky to sneak up on this one without flushing it. You can hear another Meadowlark doing the same in the distance and they appear to be reacting to each other - probably a territory thing.

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Butterfly takes over Koala Joey's Photoshoot and owns it like a BOSS!
What is cuter than a koala joey video? When a Butterfly decides to photobomb it of course. Meet Willow the most adorable little Koala Joey and her new best ...

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