Scorpionfishes, Rhinopias, Lionfishes - Lembeh Strait
Scorpionfishes including Rhinopias and Lionfishes. Part 14 of my documentary, "Mucky Secrets", about the fascinating marine creatures of the Lembeh Strait in Indonesia. There are many species of scorpionfish in the Lembeh Strait, and it is often impossible to accurately identify them from pictures alone due to the minor differences in their anatomy and the highly variable nature of their camouflage. All scorpionfishes possess venomous spines on the dorsal and anal fins for self-defence, and for stunning their prey. They can also deliver a painful, sometimes even deadly sting to humans. The sting can be deactivated and the pain alleviated with prolonged immersion in hot water. www.facebook.com/bubblevision
Added: 10th July 2014
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Giant Hovercraft Lands On Beach
Giant Hovercraft Lands On Beach
Added: 5th May 2018
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5-Week-Old Kitten Loves Swimming With Her Dad
On this episode of Soulmates, we meet Mike and his gray tabby kitten Gracie. When Mike was helping out around his uncle's house on St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands, he heard little meows coming from inside a wall. He found a tiny 5-week-old kitten all by herself. He took Gracie in, and soon found out she was no ordinary cat when he took her to the beach and she ran right into the ocean to swim with him.

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Adorable Puppies Playing In Snow With Their Mother
Adorable Puppies Playing In Snow With Their Mother http://SuperWord.ru
Added: 12th March 2014
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Who is this Sage Grouse seeking ?
Maybe some of you have an answer to this situation. This wild female Sage Grouse has appeared here and she is not afraid of people at all. She has been around for several days already, she follows us, waiting to come close. This is the second Spring in a row that we have this same bird here, this exact female was here last year. It is mating season, so she is certainly looking for a partner. I tried to research about this behavior of coming close to humans, but could not find anything. If you have explanation or opinion to this bird's behavior, please leave it in a comments bellow. Thank you
Added: 16th May 2018
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