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Theo Jansen, Strandbeest, Strandbeast, kinetic art
Added: 19th June 2018
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Tags Theo Jansen Strandbeest Strandbeast kinetic art

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Extreme Jail Escape
Can someone help Zach King post his bail? oh wait, never mind.

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Pet Bird Loves Bath Time with His Owners
"Bert, our Green Cheek Conure, regularly bathes with us on his tub perch and enjoys it tremendously. No, he does not poop in the water, and no, we do not put any soaps in the water that would be harmful to him until he is finished bathing and out of the water. After he is finished he gets wrapped in a dry washcloth and is cuddled until he is dry."
Added: 8th January 2018
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Tags 2017 Animals birds Cool Cute feel good Humor pets USA ViralHog Weird bath strange parrot

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This Elephant Tracker Has Nerves of steel!
This tracker did exactly the right thing by remaining calm while an elephant properly sniffed him out. Chances are it would have ended very differently had he panicked. What would you have done?

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Courtney Hadwin: 13-Year-Old Golden Buzzer Winning Performance - AGT 2018
We did not see that coming! You won't believe the performance from this eccentric teenager. Courtney earns Howie Mandel's Golden Buzzer sending her straight to the live shows.

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