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Puppy Eats Carrot In SlowMo
Why not? I thought it was adorable. Figured you guys would enjoy it!! Don't forget to subscribe here for more quickies!! Filmed & uploaded on the iPhone 5s I filmed this using the slow motion feature on the iPhone 5s
Added: 16th October 2013
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Chicken Piccata Recipe - OrsaraRecipes
In this recipe I will show you how to make Chicken Piccata.
Added: 5th August 2014
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Before There Were Cowboys...
Before cowboys roamed the American West, there were Hungary's Csikos. And on the Puszta-the country's great plain-these traditional horsemen carry on their legacy. For centuries, whip-cracking horsemen in Hungary have been caring for their horses and cattle while practicing death-defying riding. The riders live in relative isolation in ranches that dot the plains. Although only a few Csikos are left in the region, Adam Bordas and his father Janos are keeping this proud tradition alive.

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In Japan, Repairing Buildings Without a Single Nail
In the past, making and developing metal was too costly for carpenters in Japan. So instead of using nails, carpenters called “miyadaiku developed unique methods for interlocking pieces of wood together, similar to a giant 3D puzzle. Takahiro Matsumoto has been a miyadaiku carpenter for over 40 years. He runs his company in Kamakura, Japan, where he assesses and repairs damage sustained by the many ancient temples in his city. Using ancient techniques, he ensures that these spiritual structures stay standing for generations to come.

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Episode One: A Day in the Life of Crusoe
In the premiere episode of The Crusoe Show Crusoe takes you through a day in the life of his life at home, from lazing by the fire place, answering emails, going on a walk, doing photo shoots, going to board meetings, and just spending time with Mum and Dad.

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