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Ray Lewis Inspirational Speech
Ray Lewis Inspirational Speech : Stanford Basketball @ NIT Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens stops by to deliver a message to the Stanford Basketball team before their game in the NIT tournament.
Added: 8th April 2012
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Toucan Shows Off For Traffic Camera ( No Sound )
Tocan displaying in camera that monitors traffic on a highway in Brazil.
Added: 5th August 2014
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Guilty Dog Sucks Up After Destroying A Bed
C.J. Huffman had to have a serious conversation with his roommate's dog about the choices she's been making lately, and she isn't too happy about it. The adorable dog chewed up her brand new bed while her owner was gone, and the roommate has made it clear that he has every intention of telling on her. The dog knows she's in trouble, and immediately tries to suck up to him and use her cuteness to solve the matter. Watch as she starts hilariously climbing all over him smothering him with kisses trying to gain forgiveness.
Added: 1st January 2015
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Tags Dog Funny Scolding How To Train Cute Puppy

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Dear Kitten: Regarding The Big Game
Hilarious! One day a year things get weird, and Cat teaches Kitten the game-plan.

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Bottle Boys showing skills - YMCA
Sometimes people say, that it's impossible to play that fast on bottles when they see our videos, because they are looking at just one persons head movements. But if you look closer you will see, that we share all the melodies by two persons. So if Philipp plays one part of the lead melody, Kaspar plays the other half, which combined gives you the complete melodic part that you all recognize:-)
Added: 28th November 2014
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