Thirsty Dog Turns On Bathroom Sink
In this funny clip, a dog and his owner go back and forth turning the bathroom faucet on and off.

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What happens next shocks cyclist... Literally!
A cyclist stops to take a break and a herd of cows come over to see what he is doing. He can't resist their pleading looks and he feeds them some grass but
Added: 11th July 2016
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When The Weather Doesn't Go As Planned...
4/23/13 Noon: Please stand by. Due to technical difficulties this will not be your weather update for Tuesday at noon. But it is entertaining.
Added: 29th April 2013
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Playing With a Black Leopard at Cheetah Experience
This girl has a chance of a lifetime when she gets to play with Pardus, the Black Leopard, at Cheetah Experience in South Africa. Original Link:
Added: 9th May 2014
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Stargazing in the Canadian Rockies
During the 2013 Jasper Dark Sky Festival, Jack Fusco captured more than 2,000 breathtaking photos from around the area. This is what they look like in time-lapse form. For more info on star gazing in Alberta, please visit - Locations featured in this video: Lake Annette, Pyramid Lake, Maligne Lake and Athabasca Glacier. Gear used: Nikon D800E | Nikon 14-24 f/2.8 | Feisol Tripods | Dynamic Perception Stage One For more info about the 2014 Jasper Dark Sky Festival, please visit - Learn more about Jack Fusco and his work here -
Added: 20th December 2013
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