Featured Video: Baby hummingbirds life cycle from start to finish. Must see! Awesome!
The Hummingbird Whisperer
Near the UCLA Court of Sciences, there is a wing-flapping, darting, squeaking colony of 200-plus birds that make their home around the campus office of the 'hummingbird whisperer,' as Melanie Barboni is sometimes called. Don't you wish you could attract this many hummingbirds to your feeders?
Added: 10th July 2017
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How To Wrap A Cat For Christmas
What's the most difficult thing you've wrapped? Many cats have an aversion to being wrapped or being dressed up and are not toys. Please do not attempt to recreate this scene if your pet is unwilling to remain still.

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Giant Me163 Formation Flight
Me-163 Formation Flight @ Warbirdmeeting Oberhausen 2013 Pilots: Dieter Deyerler - Phillip Deyerler Thanks for watching and commenting !!!
Added: 31st March 2014
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Life Of Flowers
This is a simple video with the music. Video footages: Artbeats Timelapse Flowers Music: West One Music. album: 067 Simple Strings. Track: Happy-go-lucky Edit: Vladimir Vorobyov
Added: 8th November 2011
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