PEOPLE ARE AWESOME | Awesome Dads and Kids Edition
This week's compilation is a father's day special, a celebration of all the awesome dads raising awesome kids!

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The Neediest Cat in the World
'Dog people' may say they like dogs because cats are too 'standoffish,' 'independent,' or 'they don't really love you.' Ahem. May I present to you Kodi, the neediest cat in the world. Anyone else have a 'Kodipendent' cat? #catsareawesome
Added: 15th December 2014
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Escaped elephant crashes Dutch Flea Market
So early in the afternoon Buba, an elephant in a Dutch circus, decided to go for a walk and stumbles into the local flea market. It was beautiful to see how she as well as the public stayed quite calm. After a few minutes her handler arrived and took her home as if he was walking the dog.

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2015 Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial -Lost Dog
Watch Budweiser's 2015 Super Bowl XLIX commercial, "Lost Dog."

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A Sanctuary for Lions, Tigers and Bears (Oh, my!)
For the past 36 years, Pat Craig has worked tirelessly to rescue large carnivores and rehabilitate them at the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, Colorado. Most of the animals there were taken in from zoos, circuses or saved from abusive owners. Now, they've got a permanent home where they can live in peace.

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