FEATURED VIDEO: The Decorah Eagle Cam Is Live - One Baby Hatched 04/02/2018
Cutest Twins Ever . Scottish Fold Kittens
They are Rocky's sons.
Added: 29th March 2014
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Sleeping cat quacks when his owner coughs
Watch as this sleeping cat reacts adorably to his owner's cough. From 'pavelsutyrin', "This happens almost every time the cat sleeps or rests. He also responds
Added: 4th July 2016
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Tags cute cats cat animals pets sleeping animals

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Rare Amur Tiger Cubs
With the numbers of these rare tigers dwindling, these cubs are good sign for the future! facebook.com/uzooanimals
Added: 10th October 2014
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Sir David Attenborough's Alternative CURLING Commentary
Sir David Attenborough provides an alternative commentary for the womens curling match between Team GB and Team USA at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games
Added: 19th February 2014
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Best Close-Up Magician
Michael Vincent defies all human experience as the world's maestro of sleight of hand... but can he fool Penn and Teller?
Added: 8th August 2012
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