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Salut Salon - impromptu (A.Arutjunjan)
Salut Salon spielen ihre ganz eigene Version des "Impromptu" des armenischen Komponisten A.Arutjunjan – erstmals veröffentlicht auf ihrer DVD "Klassisch ...

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No-Frills Gas from The Carol Burnett Show
When a customer (Tim Conway) has trouble on the "self-service" line at the gas station, he gets no help at all from the service attendant.

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Commuting To Work With Dolphins
One Sunday morning on our boat ride to work to dive Utilas famous Northside, we filmed this off the bow of our boat using a GoPro Headcam.
Added: 17th February 2012
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Cole and Marmalade - Why Cats Love Trees So Much
So many reasons why cats love trees! … How many cat trees do YOU have? :)

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Dog Grazes With Horse
After seeing how appetizing the vegetation was to these two hungry horses, this Siberian Husky figured he would partake in the feasting of the bushes along with them.

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