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Cute Chihuahua Destroys Room
A chihuahua dog is briefly left alone in a room and he completely destroys everything inside. He rips the couch, tramples the paintings and destroys the plants yet he's such a cute little doggy. Visit
Added: 4th September 2011
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Andre Rieu -  FALLING IN LOVE - IN MAASTRICHT (Highlights)
My dear friends, I am incredibly excited to share with you a highlights video from my most recent Maastricht concert. I hope you enjoy reliving the moments as featured on the ‘Falling In Love’ CD and DVD available today!

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Cat Rings Bell For Service And Treat
A guy trained my cat to ring a bell for treats. Now, when he wants treats, he will lay down in front of the bell and ask his servant to give him a treat. When he gets full, he will push the bell away, and clean his paws.
Added: 7th February 2014
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Added: 25th September 2016
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Keeping the Flame Alight With the Last of the Lampists
Jim Woodward is a lampist. A what, you ask? A lampist's main job is to keep the enormous, delicate glass lenses of lighthouse lights in tip-top shape so that ships at sea stay safe. But over the years, glass lenses have fallen out of vogue. Now, most of the notable lighthouse lenses in the United States are beset with plastic LED lights. But Woodward, one of the country's last lampists, soldiers on. We joined him at Point Reyes National Seashore, where one of the great glass lenses is still in place, lighting the way for sailors at sea.

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