Sticky Grocery Store Prank
Shopping for fruits and vegetables, these "butterfingered" people are frustrated by the fact that they can't grab their produce. Before they can figure out that this must be a prank, a stranger comes in and effortlessly fills his basket with fruits and veggies.
Added: 18th October 2013
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Parker the English Setter Goes Crazy In Leaves
Our 1-year old English Setter goes nuts in leaf piles. He hides sticks in there and then dives in to find them. Hope you enjoy :) We get a kick out him.
Added: 19th November 2013
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Cats and Computers
Thanks for the warm bed. Video by April Son.
Added: 27th October 2015
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Tags Cats and Computers Cats on Computers Distracting Cats Cats on laptops

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Cute Animal Odd Couples Compilation 2014 [NEW HD]
Odd Animal Pairs | Odd Animal Couples | Animal Odd Couples | Cute Animal Pairs | Funny Animal Pairs | Cute Animal Couples

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