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Pug Lyfe || Funny Pug Compilation
All pugs! Funny pugs! Cute pugs! Pugs here, get your pugs! They didn't choose pug lyfe, pug lyfe chose them.
Added: 15th January 2016
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AT&T TV Commercial Blackberry Torch 4G - Responsibilities
AT&T TV Commercial Blackberry Torch 4G - Responsibilities. Spot opens to a group of men and women gathered in the office. Everyone has the 4G Blackberry so they can do more faster. The boss tells each person something specific to do like post a YouTube video, update a fantasy team, play a game, check in to Foursquare, and rock out to Pandora. On AT&T the Blackberry Torch moves at the speed of 4G.
Added: 9th November 2011
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Dancing Reindeer - Synchronized Christmas Lights
Dancing Reindeer Synchronized to Christmas lights jingle bell [Frostyritz]

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Meet Lupin The Friendly Baby Red Fox!
While visiting Steve Kroschel's Wildlife Center in Haines, Alaska the Brave Wilderness team were privileged to meet many amazing rescued animals... one of their favorites was Lupin, an orphaned Red Fox. Lupin was as energized and as playful as they come, and she eagerly entertained the crew for hours with all her pouncing and leaping while running in circles around the cameras! Get ready to get up close with one friendly baby Fox!

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Hidden Camera Prank Cranky Dad
Four year old sets up a hidden camera prank on her dad.
Added: 2nd December 2011
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