Magic Strain Remover -  Just For Laughs
Our "Just For Laughs" friends from Canada are at it again with several hilarious clips to help you make it through the day. I loved the stain remover clip! Let me know which one(s) you liked best. j

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Sweet Baby Praying - Facial Expressions - Priceless!
It's always delightful to see a toddler pray - but this precious little girl adds her own little twist that captures the heart. For ever and ever amen! more_videos.php
Added: 7th February 2014
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XXL Eurofighter Tyhoon
Florian Kleiwitz flies his giant Eurofighter at the ProWing 2017 Model data: Ma stab / Scale: 1/4.3 Spw / Wingspan: 2.65 m Lange / Lenght: 3.75 m Gewicht / Weight: 66 Kg Turbine: 2x 300 BF Servos: Futaba BLS177SV The model is made of a GRP part kit and will remain unicate.

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Dog with leaves (Dog vs. Leaves)
This is Willow. She likes playing fetch. **Spoiler alert**: she finds the ball :)
Added: 11th January 2012
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Dean Martin's Red Hot Scandals of 1926
Featuring Dom DeLuise, Abe Vigoda, Jonathan Winters.

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