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Tech Lovers - Disconnect To Connect
This is a global wake-up call from Durex. It's time for tech lovers to switch off and reconnect for Earth Hour 2014. On March 29th at 8.30pm we will #TurnOffToTurnOn Watch the video and then join our movement...
Added: 27th March 2014
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Christmas with Bubba J - Jeff Dunham
This is the second video in our series of extended clips from Jeff Dunhams Very Special Christmas Special. This one features lovable red-neck Bubba J talking about Christmas at home and his latest encounter with Santa. Watch the first and third videos in the series: Jeffs latest stand-up special Controlled Chaos: Controlled Chaos Tour Dates: Jeffs Very Special Christmas Special: Twitter: Facebook: Website: Store:
Added: 12th December 2011
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Bride Puts Magical Spell On Groom During First Dance
Magician Justin Willman gets levitated by his photographer bride Jillian Sipkins in their first wedding dance in Malibu, California.
Added: 12th September 2015
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Barney The Barn Owl
Barney is a Barn Owl and fell out of his nest at a very young age. The nest is on my dads farm so he found him and took him in. This was a few months ago when he was still very young and couldn't fly. I started playing music for him & singing and he started dancing! He is now older and is able to fly although he still has some baby feathers so it's more fluttering. He is doing very well & is starting to take on his own life and is now mingling with the other Barn Owls in the area :) brown chick fell out of nest rescued rehabilitated Duck Parrot Ducks
Added: 21st May 2014
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Vancouver bear spends afternoon chilling in a hot tub
North Vancouver couple finds bear soaking in their pool. Denise Diering didn't expect to see a big black bear standing at the edge of her swimming pool.
Added: 21st August 2015
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