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iPad Beer at Hofbraeuhaus - Simon Pierro
iPad magic at the world famous German "Hofbraeuhaus" in Munich, the beer capital. www.SimonPierro.com
Added: 27th May 2012
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Beautiful Friendship Forms At Minnesota Wildcat Sanctuary
In the woods of Minnesota, lies a beautiful sanctuary where rescued wildcats go to live happy, carefree lives. This beautiful story is about The Wildcat Sanctuary and an unbelievable friendship that formed there.

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10 Funniest Raccoon Videos
10 Funniest Raccoon Videos
Added: 14th July 2015
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Baby Kangaroos Rescued, Raised and Released by Adorable Couple
Kangaroos Rescued and Raised by Adorable Couple | This couple takes care of tons of snuggly baby kangaroos until they're big enough be released into the wild.

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