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Pure Imagination tribute in memory of Gene Wilder
A Tribute in memory of the wonderful Gene Wilder.

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Eight Yr Old Prodgy Plays Tribute Concert
8yr old Geoff Gallante--all 50 pounds of him-- plays tribute to Herb Alpert & Tijuana Brass with the acclaimed Ridgewood (NJ) Concert Band, Chris Wilhjelm conducting. The band is one of the finest of it's kind in the nation. https://www.facebook.com/ GeoffGallanteFanPage
Added: 2nd December 2012
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How The Curiosity Rover Will Land On Mars
Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity Rover. This 11-minute animation depicts key events of NASAs Mars Science Laboratory mission, which launched on Saturday, November 25th on a search for evidence that the red planet might once have been home to itsy-bitsy life. It will take 8 1/2 months for Curiosity to reach Mars following a journey of 354 million miles. Mars Rover will land on Mars in August 2012.
Added: 27th November 2011
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Dog on a Roomba - Easter Edition!!!
Happy Easter from Five the Boston Terrier aka Easter Dog on a Roomba!
Added: 3rd April 2015
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Putin And Sarah Palin Phone Call
Vladimir Putin calls Sarah Palin to chat about her prediction that he'd invade Ukraine. Facebook.com/JimmyFallon
Added: 4th April 2014
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