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Why I Love Pugs
We take a look at one of the internets most beloved breeds, the Pugand ask you to send us your your doggy videos by uploading them to Facebook or Twitter ...

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Cop Mistakes Gardener for Escaped Convict
Oh come on you guys, that was an honest mistake ! Wasn't it?

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Mad Hatters | Cute Pets in Hats!
What is cuter than cute pets in hats? Probably nothing, but let us know in the comments below if you think of something! In the meantime, enjoy this funny mad hatter compilation!

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Wishing Well Prank
Wishing upon a star is old school. We prefer wells! gags.justforlaughs.com
Added: 17th August 2014
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House on the Rock Could Be the Oddest Place in the World
House on the Rock is unlike any tourist attraction you’ve ever visited. Perched on a rocky outcropping in Spring Green, Wisconsin, the dwelling is home to self-playing instruments, an "infinity room," a giant squid, countless nightmare-inducing dolls and more. But this is no museum, says operations director Jennifer Greene. It's "a magical complex and all-around sensory explosion." Well, I'm sold!

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