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Baby Bunny Eats Flower Then Washes Face
Baby wild bunny eats a flower then washes its face. The baby ate a few flowers and the stems. It's also eating hay, cilantro, spinach, parsley, grass and hay. It will be released back to the wild when it's able. Sorry about the sound. I'm on macro video mode inside a tupperware container. I think it's feedback. If you think this wild baby bunny is cute, you should check out pet bunnies. They are even cuter, come in pretty colors and are super tame. This wild bunny is now so wild that I can't touch it any more. Mary Cummins, Animal Advocates, wildlife rehabilitation,
Added: 8th July 2012
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Corgi puppy going down stairs
Here is my puppy Peanut Butter trying to go down the stairs at 9 weeks old.
Added: 29th July 2015
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Donkey Delivery Prank
Post Canada delivers a donkey to people's homes. A presentation of the Just For Laughs Gags.
Added: 29th January 2012
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Dog Follows Laser Downtown: Cute Dog Maymo
Maymo the lemon beagle loves lasers. He can spend hours chasing a laser through the house. In this video, watch cute dog Maymo channel his inner cat, first trying to catch a laser in the house. Soon enough he chases the laser out the door and through the woods, until he ends up in a place where there is an abundance of his favorite playtime activity, resulting in cuteness overload.
Added: 7th October 2014
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Betse Ellis - Stamper - Fiddle Music
Betse Ellis performs "Stamper" in the Washington, DC studios of WAMU's Bluegrass Country. Join us at Host: Rosemarie Nielsen Video: Peter Swinburne Audio: Jerad Walker
Added: 23rd November 2013
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