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Hallelujah Chorus -Quinhagak Alaska
Hallelujah Chorus -Kuinerrarmiut Elitnaurviat 5th Grade - Quinhagak, Alaska Wow!! Thank you for all for the wonderful comments. The village of Quinhagak is glowing because of them. The amount of views is mind blowing!! Considering this video was intended for an audience of about 200. As many of you have thought, the kids worked very ********** this project. They put in 10 hours of work shooting all the scenes on a weekend nonetheless!! I am very proud of them!
Added: 13th November 2011
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Party Pets (Animal Compilation)
These pets party on New Years, Christmas, birthdays, and any day that ends with a "y." Think you can keep up?

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Frozen Christmas Lights (Let It Go) 2014
This ultra green light display only costs $6 in electricity to run for the entire season. What about the cactus? The cactus has been part of our display before there was a display. My wife and I found it alongside the road and fell in love with it. (plus we live in Texas so we can get away with it) "Let it Go" mp3 from amazon: Let-It-Go/dp/B00GLQQ24A
Added: 8th December 2014
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Scary Plant Monster - Kids Prank
People are asked to watch a plant shop but they get an unexpected surprise!
Added: 12th May 2014
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YES I CAN! by The Superhumans
Featured on the Channel 4 trailer for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games, The Superhuman Band brings you the toe-tapping tune, Yes I Can. Made up of a group of sixteen incredibly talented musicians from all around the globe and cast through extensive online research this video encapsulate the superhuman spirit. Website:

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