Featured Video: Baby hummingbirds life cycle from start to finish. Must see! Awesome!
Cat Loves Stealing Pencils- PIPPA
Cat Loves Stealing Every Pencil In The House | This cat is OBSESSED with pencils.

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Most Romantic Long Distance Surprise Proposal Ever
OUR STORY My fiance Susan and I have been long-distance dating for nearly two years, and I have known for a long time that she is the love of my life. It has been hard being apart for months at a time, and I wanted to prove my commitment to her for life and finally be together always.
Added: 5th October 2014
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April Fools' Best Photo Magic Pranks
Happy April Fools' Day! For the most Pranky day of the year, here are some of the most amazing instant photo pranks ever pulled. EVER! In the world! http://gags.justforlaughs.com
Added: 31st March 2013
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Spring Is In The Air...
With spring finally here, the good folks at U-Zoo have rounded up the cutest collection of animails you have ever seen. Awww. Visit: http://www.youtube.com/user/uzoouk
Added: 26th April 2011
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Rocksy the Raccoon knocks at the door for food!  LOL
"Knock Knock!" "Who's there?" ROCKSY THE RACCOON!!!! This silly raccoon has figured out that after she has raided the cat food bowl and it is empty... that she will just knock on the door... FOR HOURS.... until I refill it!
Added: 17th September 2015
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